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Where off the coast of Africa is in relation to the rest of the world. In the center is the newly discovered land mass, Africa.

“Off the coast of where?

~ You on off the coast of Africa

“I had a vacation there once.”

~ Oscar Wilde on off the coast of Africa

Off the coast of Africa is a very mysterious topic, since it was only discovered several years ago.


Many people have speculated where off the coast of Africa might be. Experts speculate it is in the ocean, about 3500-4000 miles from North America. Separating Europe from off the coast of Africa is a previously unknown large land mass which scientist have dubbed Africa. Scientists say that this land mass is crucial for off the coast of Africa's existence.

Carmen Sandiego, in all her glory.

What Might be There

Scientists have also made hypotheses regarding what occupies off the coast of Africa:

  • Water: As with many locations in the ocean, off the coast of Africa is thought to be filled with large amounts of water.
  • Carmen Sandiego: Yup, that's where the mysterious thief was all along!
  • Everything That's Lost: As once speculated by George Carlin, there is a pile of everything that's lost. When you lose something, it goes into the pile. When you find it, it comes back from the pile. Well, the pile is off the coast of Africa, for those wanting to find their lost wallets and car keys.
  • Drowned Black People: Well, where else would they be?