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Pee Reviewer of the Month Reviewer of the Month September 2009

What I do: Very little. Sometimes I write articles (see below), do some pee reviews, help people with their pages, or improve links between our fine Uncyclopedia and the Spanish and French ones. But this is rare.

If you're here to see what I'm up to at the moment/have done in the past, just scroll down about half way down this page.

WELCOME! BIENVENUE! WILKOMMEN! BIENVENIDO! There, you've had your fun, now bugger off home!
The Foreign Office More reasons to hate those foreign types
See Also WTF DUDE? W T F?
Anarchy Toolbox For chaotic expression of all inner-primality. Also for me to work out how on earth one formats anything beyond bold and big
Archimedes' Bath Tub Eureka! I've had an idea! This is where I'll put an idea if I ever get another one!
Arts Journal Potential series on various artistic movements, more fruitful than individual artists methinks
The Foreign Office More reasons to hate those foreign types
Siddhartha-Wolf's Delightful Harem When I come across adorable wee lassies, I just can't help but lock them in here for my own perverse fancy, isn't that sweet?
Siddhartha-Wolf's Yurt Actual info pertaining to Mr. Sid goes here, along with any awards/trophies (if I ever get any)
The Opium Den Pour votres plaisirs, messieurs et mademoiselles
The Shed Where oi kayp moi 'ammers 'nd leud fo'os!
The Shrine My honey pot of articles/users that truly deserve a place amongst the Uncyclopedia pantheon
Siddivision Trailers for videos that are coming to a screen near you soon (if you click on them)
The Spy Who Came in with Some Gold Where The Spy stores his notes about upcoming projects he found elsewhere on Uncyclopedia

My Work

In order of completedness, priorities in bold.

Title Contributors Status Satisfaction with Quality Notes
Albrecht Durer Me 60% Finished 50% Satisfied Requires a clean and fresh ideas, post a message on my talk box if you're interested.
Myth of Sisyphus Me 20% 90% My attempt at self-reference, I seriously love this article so far so keep your grubby hands off it.
Michael Haneke Me 20% 40% Pretty decent silly stuff, I think, just needs to be finished, which it might be. Someday.
Gioachino Rossini Me 10% 90% My composer article :)
Somebody Cares Me 5% 80% My attempt at in-jokes and cliquey humour, while still being accessible to the uninitiated.
Astronaut(Original) Staircase and I 90% N/A Helping Staircase out somewhat. Trying to come up with, err, ideas.. make things, you know, clearerer
Alice in Sunderland Me 0% 0% spectacyulr!
Arbophilia Me 0% 0% I stole this from the Czech Uncyclopedia but goddamn is it a good concept :).
Gustave Dork Multiliteralist and I 0% 0% A collab for the Arts Portal
Gaspar Noe Me 0% 0% Not started, my attempt at being Guildy, another self-referential monster.
Pyrrhonism Me 0% 0% Not started, basically a cross between the Socratic Method and the People's Front of Judaea, I have high hopes for it.
Gustave Courbet Me 0% 0% Not started, another Durer-style artist biography, one that could potentially be better if I approach it in the right way.
System Shock Me 0% 0% I love System Shock 2 too much
William S Burroughs Me 0% 0% This ought to write itself really
Aphex Twin Me 0% 0% O-ohh funny little man, a funny little man... Stop making that BIG face *laughs*!
The Arabian Nights Me 0% 0% Just noticed this is already requested as 1001 Nights
Orson Welles (rewrite) Me 0% 0% Because there is so much potential and the present one is not good enough
Frida Kahlo Me 0% 0% Potential
Voltaire Me 0% 0% Needs it
Basil Me 0% 0% lol 'erbs
King Harold Me 0% 0% Massive potential
The Anglo-Zanzibar War Me 0% 0% lol breakfast time
Autechre Me 0% 0% fzztztttttasdgouagsdouagsdoad
Inspector Morse Me 0% 0% "TUNS, Lewis, they're called TUNS"
Joy Division Me 0% 0% Happy bands for happy people
My Bloody Valentine Me 0% 0% More happy bands for happy people
Franz Liszt Me 0% 0% Igen
Zeno of Elea Me 0% 0% 1 0.5 0.25 0.125 0.0625
Nicolae Ceauşescu Me 0% 0% He is brutal great dictator leader of Romanian people!

Requested Articles I Might Do (Or, Better Still, YOU Might Do)

Product placement / How Do You Solve A Problem Like Thomas Becket / Charles "The Hammer" Martel / Frederick the Great / Saladin / System Shock 2 / Al-Wikipedia / H. G. Wells / The African Queen / The Birth of a Nation / All Quiet on the Western Front / The Deer Hunter / Hell is for Heroes / The Jetsons / Quetzalcoatl / HowTo:Be Russian / Why?:Sell Florida Back To Spain? / Why?:Sell California Back To Mexico? / Why?:Sell Alaska Back to Russia? / Why?:Jesus Was Never Married / Francisco Goya / Diego Velazquez / Henri Matisse / Luis de Camoes / Omar Khayyam / Ovid / Zheng He / Hernan Cortes / Johann Gutenberg / Carolus Linnaeus / Paul of Tarsus / Francis of Assisi, Saint / Akbar / Age of Enlightenment / Euphrates / Greek Alphabet / Symphony / Autechre / Gregorian Calendar

My Contributions


Articles I Stole From Elsewhere

Mr Blotto (from France)

Pages for Protection/Perversion

Bangladesh / Anti-Muhammed / Bhagavad Gita / Albania / Orson Welles / Philip K. Dick / Crossword / Feminism / Mogwai / Pythagoras / Archimedes

Quality Pages

Martina Hingis / Rafael Nadal / Vincent Van Gogh's Things To Do on a Rainy Afternoon / Alfred Hitchcock / Ingmar Bergman / UnBooks:The secret diary of Andrew Murray, aged 20¾ / British Moon-landing / Kingfisher / UnBooks:Frédéric Chopin's Guide to Better Lawn Care / Dark Ages / Hydrogen / Xanax / Scatomancy / The Oldest Trick in the Book / Allahakbarries / Worst 100 Ways to Deliver Bad News / UnBooks:Travel Guide For All Countries / Celebrity Chefs read the Nursery Rhyme Classics / HowTo:Boil an egg / A-level / The Muffin Man

Others, I forget...

Quality Users

Sog1970 / Guildensternstein / THE / Global Tourniquet / 15Mickey20 / Todd Lyons / Procopius


Bangladesh / Sergio Leone / UnBooks:The Art of Nostalgia for Babies / Japan-France / Astronaut (2) / Star Wars (2010) - 1st Review / Postmodern art / French Newspaper Uses Machine Translation To Produce Multi-Lingual Site / Lyre / eHarmony / Sherlock Holmes (3rd Review) / International Beat Random People With a Metal Pipe Day / United States of Earth / Coupons / Cute Fluffy-Bunny World Whose Cute Fluffy Exterior Masks a Terrible Secret Island

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