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Vigoria was a proto-country in Europe in the third century AD. Due to mismanagement and mishaps, it sank in the Mediterranean with the loss of all hands in about 270 AD.

  • maybe a still from Utopia showing Laurel and Hardy as two of the initial investors. (Do I want to go investors route, though?)


  • list the people involved, plus some noteworthy backers
  • what were their motives?
    • better government
    • make money
  • where did they get the island? made or already there?
  • a few quotes would be good here

Initial difficulties

  • five cents / year operating budget
  • not enough money or technology for as big an island as originally envisioned
    • fire code meant they had to limit the population to only X, considerably less than the Y they wanted
  • too much money spent on a graphic designer for the national flag
  • too little money spent on a musician for the national anthem
    • saved on weapons -- test audiences tended to commit suicide, so they just bought earmuffs to start with
  • would have programmed in Lisp, but tax on parentheses was too high at the time
  • personality conflicts and "creative differences" -- set up for later trouble
    • People doing the project mostly want a solid, sensible, enjoyable, blah blah nation -- aside from X who wants to put green in everything
    • Investors want (conflicting) razzle-dazzle and politics
      • The rockets
      • "Will you be using that new Norton Anti-Vandal program? I won't put my money into anything that isn't properly defended from Vandals."

Notable investors

(^ a few actual 200-299 AD people)

  • Mark Twain (include a scrap from a letter in which he hopes that this one will make up for his losses on stupid inventions)

Non-notable investors

  • Alexander the Sub-par contributed in the hopes that he would actually be able to conquer the result.
  • Eric the Awful pitched in a few horned bullet-shape helmets, on the grounds that another nation meant more places to pillage.
  • Herodotus the Senile
  • Pliny the Middle-aged

Early years

  • beta launch date
  • list a few problems
  • started population with a contest to win citizenship and be in on the beta
  • big advertising blitz -- list a few mags/papers/places ads appeared in
    • Kosmospolitan
  • up to population so-and-so by year so-and-so


  • committee approach
  • a few quotes would be good here

Final Disaster

  • the Kewl Rockets embedded in the island malfunction or are misused, slamming it into another project, Atlantis, and sinking both
  • bankruptcy and the terrible things done to bankruptees back then for want of a few cents


  • discouraged similar projects, in several veins. Historian (author of Aristotle's Gun) has said, "If this had been a success, democracy would have become the norm many centuries sooner, and maybe now we would be that much closer to an ideal society. Or maybe I'd be sitting in a teepee in an uncivilized 20th-century North America, explaining to a chieftain why he doesn't have to worry about 'hanging chads' jokes in his lifetime. History is funny like that."
  • maybe a proverb about putting rockets in an island


  • some historians claim this is all nonsense

  1. You think I made that one up, don't you.
  2. Seriously, all the people in this section are legitimate.