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That applied on the Tony Vercetti geometry from GTA:Vice City gives an approximately realistic representation of what I would look like wrapped around a sculpture of myself made of styrofoam.

First, a lame excuse for my behavior.[edit]

Uncyclopedia is merely something I procrastinate to. In order to do that I need something very important to procrastinate from. The dilemma is if contributing to Uncyclopedia becomes something very important for me I'll [eventually] begin procrastinating from it.

So, most of the time I'll be slouching around, adding ignorable posts in the village dump or just being generally proud of my photoshops and blurbs of moderately funny nonsense. But you can count on me to be 100% motivated and creative as soon as I am obligated to do something else, like going to sleep, which account for the state I'm in at the moment I do most of my writing and is a lame excuse for making ugly typos and sentences that may be too long to be comfortably read aloud.


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