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Operation FLyover-Land[edit]

Operation Flyover-Land, or Op F-L, is a program to populate the newly-discovered Midwest during Reagan's Administration. It was created in 1981, two years after the Midwest was discovered. The mission statement of Operation Flyover-Land was to "Populate this hell-like place called the Midwest and assure ourselves of a non-exaustable supply of red states for future elections, and to create a Siberia for America." (from Secret Government Policies of the Reagan Administration, Reagan, Bush, Haig, et al) The processes of Op F-L include sending convicts to rot away in the Midwest, creating a history of the Midwest and brainwashing all American citizens to believe in things like Abraham Lincoln and the Louisiana Purchase, and pacifying the Midwesterners, usually through beer and football.

Reagan Has An Idea! Yay![edit]

Ronald Reagan first got the idea of Op F-L during his investigation as to why it takes so long to fly from California to Washington DC (this is where the name comes from). His conclusions were startling. It seemed as though there was an exspance of hundreds of miles in between the East and West coasts that had previously gone unaccounted for. Taking a page from the Soviet Union he so much adored, Reagan decided to turn the Midwest into America's Siberia, turn it into a land of the nation's most feared convicts. He rounded up all the hardened criminals he could find, and sent them towards a port city he named Chicago to start life anew.

A much deeper probe into this idea[edit]

Later, with much more insight into his idea, Reagan found many fundimental flaws with Op F-L. The first main flaw was that most convicts, once being deported to Chicago, would just cross the border into Indiana, which, despite many arguements to the contrary, is most definatly not the Midwest. Once again taking a page out of Soviet Russia's book, Reagan set up the Midwest Police, an organization to surpress any stirring of ungood. Reagan's successor, George H.W. Bush, would later build the Gary, Indiana Wall to perminatly seal off Chicago from the rest of the nation. Another major flaw was the suspicion everybody had of illegal activity in the newly-discovered Midwest. To counter this, Reagan rewrote history. He added many of the Midwestern territory to the original United States, and made something up called the Louisiana Purchase, which got America the rest of the Midwest.

This saga is to be continued at a later time.