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“There is nothing new under the sun. It has all been done before...but that doesn't stop people making sure it doesn't give a different result.”

~ TillDillBill
This is how the author wants to express himself

TillDillBill is a personality thought into existence upon a form of flesh and bone. It replaces the previous occupier, a being believing himself to be the reincarnation of some heavenly prophet (despite the lack of evidence). The reason for this is unclear, Till believes it may be due to peers and family members objecting to it's dream of becoming a priest. So began the (with hindsight, pointless) journey to figure out how to prepare himself for a decent-paying job.

Early Days

Till's early days began after purging the previous being, roughly making him 17. In order to make up for lost time, he observed the world around him and took notes here and there. This quickly derailed into a sketchpad filled with the stuff of nightmares, his schoolmates alienated him once they saw the drawings. While this bothered Till for a while, he soon found comfort in the internet, taking a keen interest in very stupid fads and MUDs. His grades suffered tremendously, until one day he discovered that he could go ahead of where they were in class by doing the questions over the holiday and wasn't forcibly bound to some agenda or regime. By the time he finished, he'd come a long way, but still had no clue how anything worked in the real world.


Till chose his career path by opening up the Tertiary education book, shutting his eyes and prodding the page. He ended up with a nice degree that was worth 6 years of his life, problem was he eventually forgot what it was, who was paying for it and how he chose it in the first place. In order to help cope with the vast amount of information, Till tendered for a second personality to set up shop. Dill came into the role as fast as her little legs could carry her. It was the beginning of something beautiful, together they both slowly made progress towards graduation. Continuous group assignments and lack of direction hampered progress, but didn't slow them down too much. While it killed TillDill's GPA, it didn't matter.

Present Day

Sometime before today, Bill joined the gang. How remains a mystery because Till and Dill can't get a word out of him. It is possible he was always there but Till claims he searched every nook and neuron. He joined uncyclopedia in late 2016, after Dill discovered Till couldn't speel or form coherent sentences. TillDillBill is getting better and one day it'll be good, so long as he remembers how to spell his password.