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Timothy Language is Black. He is a doctor of Sexual Abuse Advice but has yet to work out how to put on a condom.

He DOES NOT keep his unfinished work here.

Early Life

Language was a bully forceful child born in North London, England. The kids were scared of his visage and this had no relevance to the 4 knives that every black man carries or his lack of shortness.

By the age of 4, his personality attracted many prospective future partners. The main problem was that they were mainly 5 year old boys. Annoyed at his status as a target for gay men, this black kid solved the problem by following them home with a group of black friends. Their houses are now up for sale.

After this victorious psychological battle, Master Language had created a reputation for himself. He was no longer thought of as a scary kid, he was now considered a scary black murderer. As mentioned before, Timothy Language was no midget. He stood head and shoulders above everyone his age who was not standing on a chair. But even on the ground, he stood at least head above everyone else his age.

At the age of 6, he had earned the nickname "Gorilla Boy" due to the appearance of premature facial hair. He kept his peers' jokes about his cheeks to a minimum by reminding them of his immense size and not by stabbing 12 of them.

He is now 52 and owns a half-demolished house, a large coat, and a white van.

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