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“Fuck you!”

~ User:Arashi

The user Arashi is probably just some dumbass who really doesn't matter worth shit. Though, in reality, he h4xes t3h z0rkz0rz 0hn03z!!11111shiftone

...Oh, and he watches Rozen Maiden. Furthermore, he is considered to be responsible for fifteen major wars.


Template:Controversy Arashi's sexuality is currently unknown. While he pleads to be gay, people claim he has had sex with a girl. Nobody will ever know for sure, as this information comes only from unreliable sources.


Actually, he doesn't record music. Yet.


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Biohazardnew.jpg This user is an evil clone of Arashi.
Sign1.png This user is a mutant.
Exploding-head.gif THIS USER'S HEAD A SPLODE.
ETPHelp end hunger! Eat the poor!
usbThis user likes to use userboxes.

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