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Wolf O'Donnell
That's not a picture of me... Who the Hell is that anyway?
First appearance An American Werewolf in London
Last appearance Dances with Wolves
No. appearances 42
Created by The Wolfman
Portrayed by Rin Tin Tin
Nickname(s) One-Eyed Jack
Aliases Woofie-Foofie Poo
Species Human
Gender Male
Date of birth 42
Date of death 42
Starsign Taurus
Occupation That information is classified
Family So's this one
Spouse(s) And this bit
Children No, thanks. They give me indigestion.
Relatives Likewise.
Address Here
Religion Blue
Nationality Papua New England

Okay, so most of my articles are game-based. I do my best to make sure the articles parody the Wikipedia versions section by section, so they're reasonably focused compared to some of the other ones you'll find out there.

Also, avoid the game, Steam Hearts. Just avoid it, okay?

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