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“The Ninja could save humanity, then again, The Ninja probably couldn't.But I wouldn't doubt him, she'll most likely come through in the end.”

~ Oscar Wilde on The Ninja

“The Ninja ain't got nothing on This Ninja”

~ That Ninja on The Ninja

“..I maintain that although cheddar is highly classy among their folk, mozzarella is far more ninja like.It's the cheese of Ninjas!”

~ A hardcore fan of The Ninja on The particular flavour of cheese The Ninja prefers

“Never saw him coming.I did see her leaving though.”

~ Synyster Gates on The night his trademark hat was supposedly "kidnapped"

“Skilled, The Ninja is. Much training, Yoda needs.Speech impediment fixed, also, Yoda needs”

~ Yoda on The Ninja owning his ass

“Why do I feel like I just sold my soul to a monkey?”

~ The Ninja Herself on Joining her sworn "Enemy-again, Friend-again"

“She did it!! I saw the whole thing!!”

~ That famous one-eyed ninja guy on his missing fruity-looking eyepatch

“You've got me to thank for this.”

~ God on The Ninja

“I'd tap that.If I knew what that was.If it didn't look that great, then I might not tap that.”

~ Sasuke Uchiha on his bizzare fanboyism of The Ninja

“ The Ninja requests you read warnings and crackhead labels at beginning of article, as well as others in page.If at any time feel afraid and have wet self, The Ninja recommend you spend time stare at other page.Warnings in place for reader safety after all, not The Ninja.”

~ The Ninja's official SpokesNinja

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