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Visual puns

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~ Stalin on Visual puns
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Oh how I love a good visual pun! Visual puns are the ultimate in puns; they've got everything: They're visual and they're puns. What more could you ask for? They've been used by literally hundreds of people to achieve humor. Everyone from Gary Larson, author of The far side comics, to Mission accomplished? Ha! Good one George W. Bush!George W. Bush, former president of the United States of America. When I see a well crafted groaner it makes me... well... groan. It makes me omit a sound that is indescribable. It's sort of an UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH! mixed with a GAH! But it does more than that, it makes me happy, it makes me think, think about visual puns, it makes me want to yell to the world, "That's better than a holy mackerel, that's for sure!Holy cow! That's hilarious!". But most of all, it makes me forget all the troubles of the world, if only for a second. If I were to search the whole world over, I would never find anything that makes me happier than a really funny visual pun... Or a tiny sombrero, I like them, too.

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History of visual puns

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Examples of visual puns

There are many good examples of visual puns. Har har har.Wanna see?

Visual puns

Visual puns

Visual puns

Visual puns

Visual puns

Yeah, I know. This section's Knot any of it.knot even funny. Nope. Nun of it.Nun of it.

Sew in conclusion...

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