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A wide awake and very woke Ewok.

Woke (an anagram of Ewok) describe politically sensitive teddy bears who have been marginalised in the Star Wars universe. It has also been used as a term to describe a community of people who claim they have 'woken' from their long sleep in previously accepting society's toleration of racism, sexism and that White is Might and White is Right. Something. This has now lead to the anti-Woke backlash made up political cranks and an unfunny comedians. Let's first talk about Ewok rage.

Origins of Woke[edit]

The Power of Woke.

George Lucas's depiction of a warrior-cutesy teddy bear planet of idle Ewoks who were happily holding continuous picnics in a pleasure-seeking society on the planet of Endor. This was then disrupted when the Rebel Alliance persuaded the Ewoks to rebel against the Republican Empire in a guerrilla campaign that involved man traps and spiked clubs. The Ewoks who took part in this called themselves the 'Woke Ewok' and campaigned to make sure the new galaxy wide regime would cater for their furry hides. Otherwise it would be 'Endor Times' for everyone.

Woke Ewoks Matter[edit]

The example of the Ewoks inspired many oppressed communities to rally to the teddy bears. However, in a mistranslation and to fool the enemy, they said they 'woke' and not 'Ewok'. You don't want to mess with a wide awake woke Ewok. You really don't.


So now we know what being anti-Ewok is, who are the 'anti-wokes'? Piers Morgan wrote a book about it so it must be true, though he doesn't mention Ewoks. So the opposite of being awake to issues is to be fast asleep, Rip Van Winkle like? So who would be the opposite of an ardent 'wokist'. Let's try a patriot, someone who gets up into a rage and wants to storm government buildings in their homemade uniforms and mail order arsenal?? Sounds about right. Other Anti-Wokes prefer to haunt social media and point paws at what they think is 'wokism in action'. And we all know Wokists are militant Cancel Culturists too!


Opposite of sleep.


If you must.

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