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Several agents and agencies are shown here. The person in the foreground is a Horse Agent who has just negotiated a multiple-movie package deal for his client (right).

Agent is a word with many meanings. To reach the correct Uncyclopedia article, pick the meaning of interest below.


One definition of agent is a person who acts on behalf of you. The following are agents:

When an agent works for an agency, however, he acts against you. The following agencies probably have agents:

In the U.S., other agents work for "bureaus," "administrations," or even "services." In the case of the Internal Revenue Service, this guarantees that agents act against you, and may even "service" you.

Secret Agents train from books like this one.

In one case, it is impossible to know whether the agent is working for you or against you:

And in one case, the agent is doing both:

You may be looking for a specific agent, such as one of the following:


Agent as a thing is rather different. Conservatives insist that "weapons don't kill people, people do," but they nevertheless refer to a variety of tools for committing mayhem as agents. One asks who really works for whom. These agents include the following:

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