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Alien Experiment rabies is a type of disease which has been mentioned in Leroy & Stitch. It is similar to that of the normal rabies virus. Normal Rabies is spread by a bite of an animal, for example, a dog, cat, vampire bat, fox, wild dog, skunk, raccoon, or (rather less often) even lions, tigers and bears. In the case of Alien Experiment Rabies, people may have a disease after viewing certain scenes of Leroy & Stitch or any other related material. People who are at least 15 or older and have at least 3 or more years of L&S related fandoms are most at risk.


This could be you!

People who have Alien Experiment Rabies may develop a hedache and loss of memory for a few days. The headache may intensify until symptoms of Alien Experiment Rabies appear.

Symptoms of Alien Experiment Rabies, after headache/memory loss, include one or more of the following:

  • Barking, growling (characteristically similar sound of an alien experiment with the same disease)
  • Running around in circles (as if chasing own 'tail')
  • Endlessly bumping into objects
  • Rolling on the floor, having violent seizures ('glitching' as in Stitch)
  • Attempting to bite other people
  • Hallucinating, snapping at imaginaty objects
  • Speaking in toungues
  • Panphobia (fear of anything and everything)
  • Foaming at the mouth
  • Fear of water or any liquid
  • Impotence
  • Unnecessary bowel movement

Symptoms would last for a few days to about a week. The victim would be unable to eat or drink due to paralysis of the salivary glands and throat. A few days after symptoms appear, the victim may have a problem with moving or getting up, which leads to collapse and paralysis of the whole body. This leads to death within a few hours of collapse.

Alien Experiment Rabies is very lethal. There is no cure once symptoms appear. The only hope for those affected when symptoms appear is to be shot, euthanised, then shot again.

It is said that the only way to get rid of Alien Experiment Rabies is to shove a butt plug, dance to the backstreet boys and masturbate in a subway train on commemoration of Hilter's birthday. It does work but some asshead doctors and physicians never try it.

Family Action Plan[edit]

For those who might be worried with being infected by Alien Experiment Rabies, note the following information can help indicate whether any of your family members might have been infected with Alien Experiment Rabies.

  • Is anyone in your family have a direct of semi-direct fanship of anything Stitch-related? If so, ask the member/s to keep a record of any actions they have done in the past related to their fanship.
  • How is that family member gathering information? Watch your member/s' moves. Whether they're watching DVD's, surfing the Internet or even writing their own confessions, make sure it's in their record.
  • Is that family member complaining of nightmares, headaches, or forgetting things? Notify medical assistance immediately - for best results, a psychartrist or general practitioner.


Alien Experiment Rabies cannot be cured, but it can be prevented. Here's how you can prevent a single case of Alien Experiment Rabies from infecting a whole neighbourhood.

If you have children and/or teenagers...

  • Regularly search your child's schoolbags in search for any 'unauthorised' Alien Experiment Material (re: items related to Lilo & Stitch). If you find it, don't delay - send it to police.
  • Regularly check the computer for any L&S related files.
  • Regularly check schoolbooks for graffiti
  • Make sure your child obeys house rules - that includes what times your child should be in bed, etc.
  • If in doubt, see your teacher or school principal.

What if Alien Experiment Rabies became a Pandemic?[edit]

If Alien Experiment Rabies became a pandemic all over the world, it could profoundly change our way of life. No one would ever feel safe with Stitchfans, people would be even fighting and murdering them. With your help, please keep the country you are currently living in (whether it be Britain, New Zealand, the United States, Canada, Australia or anywhere else) free of Alien Experiment Rabies.

Currently, Lilo & Stitch and its related products is free of Alien Experiment Rabies. Support of Stitch-fanatics all around the world and its isolation has helped kept it that way.

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