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“I gotta get me one of thine!”
~ Oscar Wilde on Booty

“That be some fine booty.”

~ Captian Jack Sparrow on Booty

“I have a fake booty.”

~ Kim "Star Trek Alien" Kardashian on Booty


~ Nicki "Fake Ass Barbie" Minaj on Kim Kardashian

“You got a bunch of mens locked up in prison right? So, what are they gonna do? You won't let 'em have a women not even a white women. They gonna have each other. So someone gonna have to give up sum BOOTY! BOOTY: a man's butt. I like BOOTY!”

~ Fleece "Booty Warrior" Johnson on Booty

These pirates are showing off a prime example of "a fat black ass".

Booty is brigandbonics (Pirate vernacular) for treasure. Most people think that booty is treasure such as gold and jewels, were this idea originated from is unknown, but it is false nevertheless.


This is NOT Booty.

Booty has been a subject of much interest and debate over the last god-knows-how-many millennia, the fact that it covers just about everything (well the inhabited land on the earth) is the main reason for this. The main use and phrasiology for the term "booty", is by 'now retired' pirates; this terminology pertains to an acculmination of dried biscuits, limes and gold covered chocolate money. Although through such films as "Pirates of the Carribean" (actually filmed in Newcastle), "Hook" (based around a primetime fishing docusoap) and "Captain Pugwash" (don't ask), these afore mentioned pirates were brought back into the limelight and their booty was uncovered for all the world to sea.Men are attracted to the Booty especially Black Men if you have a big booty and you are a female you can as a money maker or somthing used to attract men so they can bang you or you can use it as a kiddie ride for babies .(pun? what pun?)

“They spelt see 'S.E.A.', so it's like water sea.”

~ Captian Odvious

Correct Usage[edit]

Here, a woman is demonstrating how to correctly shake a booty.

Attracting Members of the Opposite Sex[edit]

  • Correct: "Arrr! Avast ye maties, prepare to boarded! We arrrr here for yer booty and plunder arrr!!!"
  • Incorrect: "Give me that juicy booty you sexy mother."

Fending Off Unwanted Advances[edit]

  • Correct: "Arr! Don't touch me booty er you be forced ta walk the plank, arrr!!!"
  • Incorrect: "Don't touch my booty you pervert."

Famous People with Fat Booties[edit]

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