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Dow Jones & Company Inc.
Slogan We put the me in sub-prime mortgage market
Established 237 B.C
Type(s) Rich White People
Location(s) Poland
Industry Terrorism
Employees White people in suits
Produces CNBC

“I'm stealing your mother's money because the Dow Jones went down and I need to pay a down payment on my BMW.”

~ Oscar Wilde on the Dow Jones

The company was founded in 1882 by three serial rapists: Charles-Kanye Dow, Edward Jones, and Charles Bergstresser (Which is German for Mountain Giant). Like The New York Times and the Washington Post, the company is publicly traded but privately controlled by, although X Box controllers were avoided when possible, as it is internationally agreed to be ridiculously oversized. Most people blame this on the Irish. The company is led by the Pedlow family, who live like savages in the Forest. (Refer to Stone golem)


The History of the Dow Jones is quite intriguing. It begins when the Wall Street Journal caused an unstoppable exponential inflation due to the government failing to introduce monetary policies as a combatant to the 3rd revolution. As a result a plunging sub-prime mortgage market went into a 350- point chaos. Of course Hang Seng, close family friend of William Shakespeare and Mr. Jones came round to help via email, but Dow's Mother said she had severe menstruation problems in her arm pits so there was nothing to be done. Seng reportedly brought round an edible chicken broth the following evening.

The Fall of the Dublin wall in 1929, known is the U.S. as the "depression" had enormous impacts for a communist globalists economy as well as the capitalists society. The first, and thus most interesting point of note was the lack of consumer dollar value depreciation. This led to falls in Depository Expansion, and economies around the world plummeted with the exception of New Zealand, which fell 15 years later due to the economic time rift created by fiscal drag. The second, and thus less interesting reason was black people.

The Company is currently the target of a bid by the queen as she likes to play on the internet.

The Rise of Shakespeare[edit]

William Shakespeare was hired by Charles-Kanye in a bid to free the world from the depression in 1945. His first assignment was to seduce Hitler and find the diameter of his anus but as a result this indirectly led to Hitlers suicide which effectively ended the global economic recession as he found the key to the city.

Shakespeare was rewarded the position CEO due to his success, a role which he strives to perform in as he can be seen masturbating at the local Starbucks every day to the stock market page. Many have linked the awfulness of his plays to his commitment to Dow Jones.


Due to the speculated interest in economics, a wall street channel was proposed in May 1100 Anno Domani by the Fox Network, in collaboration with the Queen, who owns the Dow Jones at present. The channel would be divided into four proogrammes: The section where an economist makes up words so that economics sounds complicated, the bit where a foreign correspondent talks economics with a strong accent and is thus even harder to understand, the part where theres some ridiculous graph with a million abbreviations that cannot be deciphered. The fourth section is beastiality, at the joint request of Rupert Murdoch and H.M. Queen Elizabeth II.

The Channel is schedules to commence in late Summer/early Winter, though analysts are yet to determine a specific date.

Current state[edit]

the Dow's level is again, UNDER EIGHT THOUSAND!!!11

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The company is also responsible for several widely and well known used stock market indices, among them: