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There are many brilliant - and popular - conservative songs. Here is our list:

Title Artist Comments/lyric sample Year Subgenre
Born in the USA Bruce Springsteen A 'Murican patriotic song, f yeah! I sing the lyrics "blah blah blah BORN IN THE USA BORN IN THE USA I'M A COOL-ROCKIN' DADDY IN THE USA!!!" 1984 Classic rock
Rockin' in the Free World Neil Young Another 'murican patriotic song. Who cares if it's a parody and written by a Canadian? It sounds patriotic so it must be! 1989 Rock, classic
America, F Yeah Trey Parker Although it uses profanity, it nevertheless celebrates 'Murican values such as FREEDOM and LIBERTY. F yeah! 2004 Movie soundtrack
Get a Job The Silhouettes How to deal with the homeless in a nutshell. 1957 Jazz
Imagine John Lennon Criticizing wars started by liberals. 1971 Rock

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