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“GO GO GADGET GUN!!!!!!!!”

~ A burglar with a bright idea about to shoot Inspector Gadget

Inspector Gadget is a dead police officer who was cybernetically reanimated by Interpol using cutting edge Swiss army technology to fight international organized crime.

How the nightmare began[edit]

Gadget never thought he'd have his limbs blown off with a shotgun by Red from that 70's show, but it's a surprisingly common death for police in America. His niece Penny, though only 10, was very gifted and performed surgery on her uncle in front of the rest of the faculty at MIT to prove her thesis of turning dead cops into helicopters was based on sound engineering principles, operating for hours until child labor laws forced her out of the ER, but the operation was a success, and this time she wouldn't have to implant the patients brain inside her dog Brain.

Inspector Gadget and his Nemesis[edit]

Eventually, Inspector Gadget would encounter his greatest enemy, Dr. Claw. Dr. Claw was a veterinarian who put a giant needle into people's arms for no reason. Inspector Gadget and Dr. Claw met at a bar one day. Inspector Gadget offered Dr. Claw a drink, who responded by injecting him with his needle. From the looks of it Dr. Claw appears to have gotten his fortune from selling super villains real estate, because he never runs out of evil bases, his construction firm specializes in building quality emergency escape pods.

Foiling Dr. Claw's Plans[edit]

Dr. Claw, his right arm crushed by the massive amount of dog manure, had it replaced with a robotic claw, which ironically made him somewhat similar to his nemesis. He took up a life of crime after his veterinarian license was eaten by a stray dog.

Dr. Claw stole a state-of-the-art lair from an evil villain wannabe where he would execute his evil plans. He decided to kidnap the president of the United States and impersonate him so he could rule the world.

The plan actually succeeded for the most part, but the members of Congress got suspicious of him and sent Inspector Gadget after him.

Dr. Claw, knowing that Congress did not trust him, kidnapped them and replaced them with robotic duplicates, therefore ensuring his plans would go uninterrupted and therefore giving him further control.

Inspector Gadget burst into the president's office and revealed Dr. Claw to be a fake on television. Dr. Claw responded by ordering the military to destroy Inspector Gadget's house.

Inspector Gadget, not wanting to become a hobo, immediately went back to his house, allowing Dr. Claw to brainwash the citizens to do his bidding as well.

With things seemingly hopeless for Inspector Gadget, it seemed like the world was doomed. Fortunately, Inspector Gadget forced Dr. Claw to surrender by threatening to destroy his swimsuit magazine he had stolen from his pocket while he was returning home to his house.

Inspector Gadget had saved the day.

Dr. Claw's Revenge[edit]

Dr. Claw was furious that his plan had failed. He vowed revenge on Inspector Gadget. He decided to get revenge on kidnapping his whole family.

He kidnapped Brain, Penny, and some of his alcoholic friends from his favorite bar, where he would proceed to brainwash by forcing them to watch the Teletubbies.

He did this in order to get revenge on his nemesis, in case you hadn't already guessed.

This happened while Inspector Gadget was away from his house, so Dr. Claw sent him a message that he had kidnapped everybody he loved.

Inspector Gadget realized he had to save their butts or otherwise he would likely kill himself out of his own grief. He epicly fails and ends up kills his family, so he kills himself with a luger. The End.