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Mianus, cought by Hubble. Mind the hole down below.

Mianus is a recently discovered moon nearby the planet Uranus. At the same time it is one of the 25 other brothers and sisters of Uranus, who cannot let them go to find some work in that whole wide wild world universe. It was discovered by four Finnish persons nearby a McDonald's in Texas where they ware training to get to Uranus with a homemade rocket. They brought a telescope with them to search for some stars and falling burgers in the sky. Mianus is the largest moon of Uranus and is eight times smaller than Uranus, which makes it all embarrassing for the person who is watching Mianus.


In 2010, a miracle happened: a new moon was found by four Finnish astronauts in training. It happened by accident after there were troubles with the telescope, which was malfunctioning. Three of the Finnish spacecrew where getting hungry and one stayed behind, that moment when the moon suddenly caught the eye of the Finnish person. He was screaming to his friends, but they were eating and had no interest. After munching the munchies they looked at it, but they found it boring, and were leaving pretty quick because they were thinking that it was one of the infinite stars and other "things" in the universe. After telling it to a person who dó had the knowledge for it who knew a lot of things about the universe, he got excited and went to the NASA space station Cape Carnival to tell the great news. They threw the big news to a couple of newspapers and the TV, claiming that it was NASA who discovered it. The four Finnish astronauts in training didn't care about that and were trying to get to Uranus, which failed. Obviously.


A watch at the surface of Mianus.

Mianus is a one of it's kind moon which is not to be confused by Uranus, her parents. [1]


Mianus has a rough, uneven and mounty surface with there and there a few bumps. Many people are amazed at the most commonly known spot of Mianus where everyone knows Mianus from: the large gap what you can see clearly from space, at a special angle, with a satellite containing good camera's. Probably it is the result of when her mean big brother Titania smacked Mianus' butt when they crossed each other's path on a very unlucky moment when nobody watched. Also, Mianus is very grey at most of the pictures, while it is more like beige for real.


It is very hot in Mianus. The chance is very small that anyone could ever live on the surface at Mianus because:

Because of there are no visible clouds at Mianus, it is a moon, and there isn't any rain. Actually, because of there aren't clouds, we couldn't see the Famous Hole of Mianus, so that is actually a good thing. The only possible chance of finding any living creatures, is to go search underground. It is much cooler there then at the surface.


As for tourism in Mianus, it is going very bad. Simply because nobody knew that there was excisting a moon like Mianus, nearby Uranus, at all. Now, some people want to see Mianus, but they have to pay a lot of money to see Mianus. Except for the fact that everybody is getting very old while they are going to Mianus, there isn't a lot of entertainment in Mianus, except some geyser eruptions and the Famous Hole of Mianus. They are always good for some awesome photography, but nobody had ever reached Mianus. We all got to do it with the excisting pictures, sadly.


A possible living animal on the moon, spotted undergrond, while zooming in with a satellite.

The same old question returns: was there any life? We all don't know because nobody wants to spend their life long time to go to Mianus and look for something that is left there, that didn't get off with the geyser eruptions. Mostly that is searching for bacteria, but some scientists came with the conclusion that if there was any form of life, they all died from their own gas with that of two cows who were possibly there and diseases like diarrhea. Surprisingly there has been a breakthrough when a satellite passed Mianus, zoomed too far in, and saw a living creature that looks like a human, but had the face of a butt. Here on earth we call that disease solumoristosis, when people have a butt as their face (but not a face as their butt).

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  1. Yes, it's a woman!