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A picture of the monster taken after lunch

“Some salesman faggot sold me a time share in 300000 B.C and now it's gone!”
~ Oscar Wilde on Muiderberg

Muiderberg is a mountainvillage located at the bottom of mountain Mui. I it's early days, about 4500000 B.C. the city was surrounded by land. Now a days it's situated near lake Northsea. After the the big tsunami in december 2006 the Northsealake became a real threat, because the moster of loch Northsea was eating away the huge amount of oisters living in the lake. This monster also known as Geert Wilders (A Dutch MP) has eaten so much oisters that the temperature in Leerdam since has plummeted near 4000 degrees rabiës.

You can't swim into Muiderberg because of two reasons, the first is obvious because it is the monster. and the second is that The United States wanted to test nuclear warheads on people. The United States however wanted to make sure that anyone will die from the nuclear bomb so they choose Muiderberg because of it's rich variaty of subcultures.

The big tsunami[edit]

An ancient drawing of the happening, it is still visible near the Ham caves in Andorra

When the big tsunami came it killed loads of people but, the capitalists knew a way to make even this seemingly hopeless day profitable. This day was extremely profitable for two reasons:

A big fundraising took place to help the people affected by this horrible tragedy (which was secretly invested in tourism. the muiderbergians hired lots of architects to design gravestones, for Muiderberg is renown for its 13492 graveyards each holding half a million gravestones. This makes a whopping 6746000000 gravestones in total. This is also the main tourist atraction attracting a staggering 8 tourists a year. As you can see this is one of the best investments in Holland since the second world war. In which the hollish got rid of quite some UKnarians.

The second reason for having a holiday in Muiderberg is because the sealevel rose, Atlantis is now restored in former glory.(horrifying tons of almeerdarians because of the fact that their precious city has now been made into ruins) Muiderberg is also know for it's wide variety of subcultures