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Thank you for your valued concern. Were you, as they say in less gentil einvirons, offended by what you just saw? Then I politely ask you to continue to scroll slowly, you young and sprightly proper gentleman.

Women Kitchen.png

Women knowing their proper place: in the kitchen! How proper! Not like those communist wives who dare step outside the house without husband's permission. Aghast!

Women Vacuuming.png

A woman cleaning the family room, to impress her husband, who is out busy performing hard work to feed his loved ones and wife. Think of how hardworking father is!

Happy Family.png

A happy, nuclear family sharing a dinner together prepared by the soft, fragile hands of mother. Look how clumsy father is when pouring the kettle, a task mother should be doing. Silly father.


What is this disgusting filth that lie below? A graphic, violent, communist comic book pamphlet made to taint your young children's little minds? Yes, I, have tricked you into a massive quagmire of internette shock still images!

Commie Comics.png

Such horrid filth! We must burn these comic books, lest they poison our children's minds with their communist ideals! Father should definitely schedule another communist book burning.

We Can Do It.png

A woman with equal rights?! Preposterous! Wife must be eating to much rutabagas. Silly wife, eating too much rutabagas .

The Pill.png

A woman taking birth control? The only birth control wife needs is the classic American method of coitus interruptus. Good times. Good times...

Haruhi Beach Grab.png

Those wacky japs: even when we utterly destroy two of your commie cities, you still want to invade our shores! Now, they are stealthier: instead of using tanks and artillery, the japs are now using their evil adulterous anime woman to brainwash our children to turn them into Shin-toe worshiping jap demons!

Hi George.png

Who is this man? Seems like a nice guy.

I Want To Unsee.png

Unfortunately, you cannot unsee what you have already seen. Do you want to poke your eyes at the sight of the ghastly shock still images? No? Well, next time you think that the communist threat is the worst thing on Earth, give this page a gander!