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Paragraphs are fun and interesting things to read. I love paragraphs so much that I am writing an article about them right now! There are lots of good things about paragraphs that you should know, and in this article, I will tell you all about them. For example, most articles are composed of paragraphs. This is the sentence at the end of a paragraph.


I don't like how this next paragraph is starting. I may go back and fix it later, but I probably won't. That last sentence was a self-reference, as is this sentence. Do you want me to make another self-reference? Didn't think so. That was a reference to you, the reader. As was that last sentence.

This is the third paragraph in this article about paragraphs. There are usually at least three or four sentences in a paragraph. There will be six in this one. You don't believe me? Trust me, I know everything about this article. That's why they call me the Author.


Now we will talk about how paragraphs are made. There is always usually at least one main point to be made in a paragraph. For example, the author of this paragraph is always the brains behind it. Well, not if you count the author of this one. That guy doesn't actually have the required equipment. Just like me. I have just proved that it is possible to refer to myself in the third- and first-person consecutively.


This might be a really good article after I'm done. Maybe I'll win something? If I did win something, it would probably be a cookie. Cookies are made of dough. I, however am not, since they're not paying me to write this. Of course, you aren't getting paid for reading this either. And if you are, I'll find out and let my one-eyed dog rip out your spleen. Or your throat. Or I'll just rip your spleen out through your throat and get it all over with.


Why am I still writing this? More importantly, why are you still reading? Well since I am still writing, and you are still reading, I should end this thing before it becomes a novel. What a novel idea, to stop an article from becoming a novel. I should write a poem about it, but i won't. I suck at poetry. I hope some of this is making sense to you, because unlike you, I'm wasting my time being productive, as opposed to just wasting time.


This is just about where I run out of things to say about paragraphs. If I was, at any point, talking about paragraphs. If I wasn't, then I just hope you got something out of this. Maybe I'll do this again sometime! It's been lots of fun, but we all have to say goodbye.

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