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'Come Americans, and we will rule the Galaxy together.'
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Best economic system folks!

The practice of Reaganomics (or Pagannomics) is necessarily limited to a chosen few, and it is blasphemy for those who have not been ordained into the Reaganomic Order to practice it. The heathen who misuse Reaganomics for their own devious ends are commonly known as Democrats, and the Republicans have declared holy war upon these incipient monsters who have sinned so badly in trying to use the massive budgetary powers of Reaganomics for horrible things like helping the poor. As it is written in THE EVIL BOOK OF SATAN THAT COMMANDS DEATH AND MISERY ON ALL HUMANS!!! the bible, Jesus himself said that

“Thou shalt always screw the poor for that is how thou affordeth another golf course”

~ Jesus on reganomics

Overview of Reaganomics[edit]

Some believe that Reaganomics has ties to the forbidden science and practices of Alchemy & BDSM. Reaganomics Principals are derived from the basic physical law “ Without energy there is No Work”. So if one could first understand the equivalence of Work & Energy the equation can be balanced in the favor of the tyrant(i.e. Ronald Reagon). One late Sunday afternoon while tasting samples at a horse breeding and semen Refinery in Crawford, TX Lord Reagan applied these principals to the US & World Economy(GDP) & found the equivalence. It was at that special moment Reganomics was born and the U.S. experienced a 3.2 % increase of economic growth.

The Reaganomics Alchemic Equivalence[edit]

Ronald Reagan increased the value of the American dollar by bonding it with exploited 3rd world souls and printing money with ink made from the blood and sorrow of oppressed minorities. This Variable in the science of Reaganomics is known as an Agony Unit

1 U.S. Dollar($) = AGONY Units^6

In order to increase the value of the U.S. Dollar we must enforce oppressive economic policies at home and abroad.

True Purpose Of Reaganomics Alchemic[edit]

The true purpose of Reaganomics is to make the lives of black people and immigrants as miserable as possible. Reaganomics is also known as "trickle-down" economics due to the middle class feeling like they're being pissed on by billionaires. Knowing these facts, it's easy to see why Ronald McDonald was allowed into white heaven.

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