Rolling your head on the keyboard

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“It's similar to mime, but for the musically inclined”

Rolling your head on the keyboard has been one of the most significant features of all music genres for hundreds of years. It refers to the act of placing one's head on the keys - ensuring that the mass of the head is resting fully on them - and rotating one's head about the pivot of the neck. This way, the head rolls over the keys and plays as many notes as possible. This is the biggest difference between rolling your head on the keyboard, and Keyboard head bashing.

The art of rolling your head on the keyboard has existed since the invention of the piano in the early 18th century. This new idea was widely embraced by citizens at the time because the predecessor of the piano was the harpsichord, and rolling your head on the harpsichord caused pain because of its tough strings, and led to diseases such as communism. Musicians were fond of this new idea and rolled their heads all day long - all of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's sonatas are a result of this composition method.

Modern Applications[edit]

In the 21st century (which is now) this idea has been taken to a new level, due to the invention of Electronic Dance Music and the MIDI keyboard. Now, artists such as Skrillex and alivemongre1 roll their heads on MIDI keyboards to create a myriad of random noises to which they then add a shitload off effects. This has been given the reputable name of Dubstep.

A slightly ginger-haired kid practises contemporary keyboard head rolling.

Recently, rolling your head on the keyboard has also been used for creating words as well as music, using the wonderfully abused invention of computer keyboards. The result is often seen on sites such as YouTube where illiterate morons argue in the comments section and post things such as 'Im gOnNA fUcK U uP bLud WuT U ChaTiN bOUt MEe BICH i fUced uRr mUM lAst niTe and sSHe lIceD iT AlLot' Rolling your head on a computer keyboard has been named ' Contemporary keyboard head rolling.

This type of keyboard head rolling has exploded in recent years, as more and more people use computers and Apple Macintosh users try and get their heads as close as possible to their beloved iDevices. Rolling your head on the keyboard is also sometimes referred to as a faceroll, but unfortunately that is linked to World of Warcraft, which is - categorically - for people who lack a life.

Other people who lack lives find enjoyment out of rolling their heads on the (computer) keyboard and seeing what is typed. However, due to the directional motion of rolling your head along something, what is typed is often "qwertyuiop". This is not only the password of many Stupid people, but also the domain name of a popular drug dealing site. Therefore, rolling your head on the keyboard is the biggest Gateway drug.

Literal interpretation[edit]