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Hair is believed to be your brain's poo. It is made of dead neurons, so marijuana smoking hippies have long hair, from the dead cells the marijuana killed.

You can stop your brain from pooping (See: growing), and that's just by stressing out and screaming senselessly. This is not recommended, since most people regret it afterwards.

It is common that most women and a considerable amount of men don't like their brain's poo (See: hair) and dye it a different color. What this does is send brain poo particles into the air polluting it with stupid ideas.

It is also believed that when hair stops growing outward, it grows inward, creating pressure on the brain with it's own filth. Eventually, the brain shrivels and shrinks, and you die.

Animals get their hair in a different way, not through their brain.


does that mean Jesus smoked Pot ????