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200pxA Tangerine Dream fruit box.

Tangerine Dream are an experimental fruit company founded in 1967 in Germany. Tangerine Dream are considered pioneers in electronic fruit, using synthesizers to create the sounds of people eating oranges. They are not to be confused with A Clockwork Orange who were strictly analogue.

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Tangerine Dream were founded in 1967 in Germany. The founders wanted to create a fruit company, but it being the 1960's, wanted to add some crazy twist. Therefore, the fruits were made so when they were bitten into, electronic and ambient music played, which could only be turned off when the whole orange was consumed. When you finished the orange, you were given a free Tangerine Dream record, which was included inside the orange.


Tangerine Dream's products contain both fruit and electronics. Tangerine Dream have been banned in several countries as a possible electrocution hazard, seeing that there is both fruit juices and electronics mixed into one. Tangerine Dream's response was "You're not diggin' the vibes, maaaaan. Groovy!".

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