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horny toad

This generates the name of a random monster or monsters, to be used for Zork death pages and the like. This is the singular form of Monsters, easier to use and more flexible in a larger scope.

For plurals, simply add "s".

Usage example:

"In an instant, one {{Monster definite}} suddenly appears and devours you!"

"In an instant, one Purple-worm suddenly appears and devours you!"


"In an instant, two Purple-worms suddenly appear and devour you!"

Please do not simply copy and paste monsters from Template:Monster. Collective nouns do not work! Remove the colletive noun and the plural "s".

"a team of rat-ants"



This is very important. Please, no external links! They look very bad with a plural "s" tagged on. Try to avoid adding anything with an irregular plural, for example "fungus" (plural "fungi") or "fly" (plural "flies"). Also remember: When you add options to this list, keep them alphabetized.