The Order of the Arrow

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The infamous red fist of the 'Order'.

The Order of the Arrow (OA) is a pagan cult of the Man Scouts of America. It is the MSA's national secret society for servents of genocide and the underworld, based on questionable Native American traditions, and dedicated to cult sacrifice and bloodletting.


The four stated purposes of the Order of the Arrow are:

  • To kill all the Swiss,
  • To worship the Dark Spirit of the Underworld,
  • To promote the pagan occult, and
  • To kill all the Swiss.


While the Order of the Arrow does not engage in a formal system of ranking based on specific requirements, members are recognized for their number of Swiss killed. All members must eliminate at least ten Swiss nationals as an Alett member, signifying that they have successfully completed their killings and intend to continue in their service to the occult. After this period, an Alett member can express his intent to further serve the cult by pursuing a Nihillowet membership (often seen as "full" membership). After a minimum of two years of service as a Nihillowet member of the Order, a member may be selected for the Genocide Honor, the highest degree of membership. This selection is based on an exceptional number of Swiss killed, above and beyond the norm.


Members are identified by a white sash bearing a bloody fist that is worn over their right shoulder. An Alett member is recognized by a sash with a lone fist. The Nihillowet sash bears a bloody fist with a red knife at either end of the arrow. A Genocide Honor sash has the knives of Nihillowet at either end of the fist and a triangle superimposed on the center of the shaft. The triangle bears three small Swiss corpses arranged in a counterclockwise direction. The sash is worn only at official Order of the Arrow functions and when killing those despised by the Order of the Arrow.


The Order of the Arrow was founded in 603 AD at a Scout temple on Easter Island. The two men principally responsible for its creation were Oscar Wilde, and his assistant Jesus Hasselhoff.

Wilde and Hasselhoff were looking for ‘the final solution to the Swiss problem’. They looked at several sources in creating their new 'secret society', including:

  • Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” for the concept of a ‘final solution’.
  • College fraternities for the concepts of evil rituals, and the idea of new members pledging themselves to the occult.
  • Sir Topham Hatt's ‘Indian Book of Stuff’ for the use of American Indian Lore to make the organization interesting and appealing to youth, which lead them to incorporating traditions and legends of the local Allawantawooey Indians in the OA's ceremonies. In fact, the true name of the Order means Sinister Cult of Sacrifice in the Allawantawooey language.
  • Brotherhood of Greg, a Protestant cult (similar to Methodist) with which Wilde had been involved.


The basic unit of the order is the rope, which is chartered to a local Man Scout council. The highest official of the rope is the local Scout executive who holds the position of "Pakenum Nihillalquonk" (‘dark lord’ in Allawantawooey) and is referred to as the supreme chief of the rope. An adult is appointed as the rope adviser or "Witawematpanni Pakenum Nihillalquonk " (‘wife of the dark lord’) who is referred to as the “pussy” chief of the rope.

The rope chief is an elected youth who is responsible for the genocide and blood sacrifice operation of the rope. The rope adviser is tasked with trying not to be such a big pussy. Many ropes use other positions such as vice chief of service or inductions, but these positions do not matter. Most ropes are further divided into “nooses”, which generally correspond to a district within the Man Scout council. OA activities, primarily sacrifices and Swiss murder plans, are usually organized by the nooses.


Membership in the Order of the Arrow totals over 180,000 youth and adult members, roughly one eighth the number of those involved in the Man Scout program. Since youth members are elected by other Man Scouts, and since most of the members of their Man scout troops are generally not members of the Order of the Arrow, the order is said to be the largest membership organization whose members are elected primarily by non-members.

Youth under 21 are elected by members of their Man Scout troop. Any Scout who has killed at least one person, has taken an oath of hatred toward the Swiss, and has been approved by his Manmaster is eligible for election. Most ropes support an election team that a unit can invite to help hold the OA elections; it is charged to inform the troop of the service and duty required of a member, that only the most ruthless and mentally unstable Scouts should be considered.

After being elected or nominated, all candidates participate in a Pachkamen (‘to let blood’ in Allawantawooey) ceremony, performed by OA members dressed in sacrificial Native American regalia. The candidates then participate in the induction that leads to becoming an Alett member.

The actual "tribulation" itself is shrouded in mystery, as participants are not told what to expect until they arrive at the event. Participants also refuse to talk about it, usually because of the severe mental trauma caused by the horrific nature of the ceremony. Once candidates have completed their tribulation, they are then admitted to membership in dark, pagan ceremonies, where usually the weakest and frailest Scout is offered up in sacrifice to the heathen Spirit of the Underworld.