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Typography is a typographical skin infection caused by tiny microorganisms called fonts, that form colonies called alphabets inside a paragraphs body head and footer resulting in an infection.


Typography includes the stem typo- — as it concerns the type of lettering upon the screen (and not merely the dozens of typos that appear there), and the stem -ography, to suggest that it is a discipline, although to Uncyclopedians it is instead fascism to see only the one font.


Gangrene may result in amputation for bilateral serifs certain types of cancer in the pituitary gland can effect body height, while d's and b's are more at risk for inflammatory bowl polyps, and bracket pain injury may indicate arthritis. A Q's counter may become swollen due to inflammation, Cross strokes in t's and f's may become stiff and strained without stretching. A fractured crossbar will require a cast, while a swollen descender can be an early warning sign of diabetes.


Unlike some other diseases, it is in fact possible to cure a case of bad typographical infection through copy paste transplants.

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