I will never forget

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It means you fucking remember!

“You forgot?!? Whaddya mean you forgot?!? Fuckin' commie!

~ Robbie-Ray Lee on You

Don't you know how important today is?!? What do you mean, what happened today?!? Today is a day that will live on in infamy! Don't you know what infamy means? It means you fucking remember! I mean, I would have expected this from one of those god damned liberals, but not you!

Everytime I see one of them towel-headed...

Everytime I see one of them towel-headed sand-niggers, I remember!

...sand-niggers, I remember! I always sit there wondering, "What kinda bomb is this sand-nigger gonna blow me up with today?", because that's what sand-niggers do, they blow you up! So I go up to him, and go all like "I dunno what you're doin' here, sand-nigger, but we here folk don't like bein' blown up, so why don't you just saddle up and head outta town! We don't like your kind 'round here!" Try and apply for a job at the corner store, will he? I sure showed him...

Everytime I watch one of those liberal pansy-assed...

...news channels, I remember! I watch one of them there pansies, sittin' there in their fancy elitist suits, at their fancy elitist desks, reading their fancy elitist teleprompters, tellin' me how "President" Osama is gonna be pulling troops out of I-Rack, so I shout at him "Don't you remember?!? We need to find those dirty sand-niggers who did it! Oh Lord, he's one of them sand-niggers himself!"

So I get me and the boys together...

...and we celebrate remembering! We go out to fight the War on Terra and beat up some of them there sand-niggers down the street! So they're all shouting, "We're only 12!", so we shout back, "Shut up sand-nigger! This is for America!" So we go get some beers and beat up some more of them there sand-niggers! Their sand-nigger parents come out shouting some jibberish at us in I-Racky, so we just shout "You're next, sand-nigger!", and then they go and call some number on their sand-nigger phone, and say that we're abusing their sand-nigger spawn!

And then some coppers get here...

And we remember! There were all kinds of coppers then! When them sand-niggers came and did all that "Allalalalalah!" shit with the airplanes, someone called the coppers!

You still can't remember?!?

You fuckin' Commie!

How could you forget my birthday?

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