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hooray for pufflebump snugglekins!!!

pufflebump snugglekins is the bestest teddy bear evar in the world and my bestest friend!! my mommy got it for me on my birthday and I luv luv luv him! pufflebump snugglekins is rly amazing and has many adventures. ill never ever ever ever give him away!

pufflebump snugglekins vs the space aliens

one time pufflebump snugglekins went up into space and fought with space aliens! he went up in his little ship and went pyoon! pyoon! pyoon! and zapped all of the bad aliens that were going to come and take over the world! we are rly lucky pufflebump snugglekins is such a good pilot and alien shooter or else we would be tooken over by a bunch of ugly monsters.

pufflebump snugglekins and his rap career

pufflebump snugglekins is a rly famous rapper! his rapping is so cool and everyone loves him! he says he has three platynums but i dont know what that is and i never saw them. actualy not everybody loves him but pufflebump snugglekins says there just "haters". i think there stupid to! pufflebump snugglekins always says "If niggas got beef they can come and get me. They know where I'm at." but I hope they dont come! im not sure what a nigga is but i heard my daddy saying before that there nothing but trouble.

pufflebump snugglekins and his big party

what a mess! bad pufflebump snugglekins! but its ok i still luv u!!

one time pufflebump snugglekins had a biiigggg party at our house! it was different from our slumber parties together becuz there were no gram crackers or choclate milk and he was playing music reeeeally loud! there were a bunch of people i dont know and when i went into mommys bedroom I saw one of the ladies and a man on the bed and the lady was sitting on the mans belly and bouncing up and down like a million times! it mustve hurt him! pufflebump snugglekins was in the family room the whole time and smoking something with some people but it wasnt like daddys cigarets. then he started acting rly funny! he kept saying that some purple giraffs were trying to stomp on him but there werent any giraffs! hes so silly! people broke some things in the house but when mommy and daddy came home the next day the people were gone so they didnt get in trouble.

pufflebump snugglekins and his failed marriage

pufflebump snugglekins was married to a rly pretty lady before. her boobies were wayyyy bigger than mommys and i saw her dancing in one of his videos. she was a rly good dancer! pufflebump snugglekins said he liked her a lot at first but then one day he hated her. I said why and he said "That bitch tried to juice me for everything I got. Mu'fuckin' golddigga 'n shit." i said he shouldnt be married with her if shes taking his gold. he was only married for like three months. i was glad cuz then he had more time to play!

pufflebump snugglekins and his domestic violence

one time at night i heard some yelling and went outside and a really mad policeman was talking to pufflebump snugglekins. his girlfriend tanya was living with us and she was outside too and her clothes were all messed up and she had a big black spot on her eye. it was different from her usual makeup tho and wasnt very pretty. pufflebump snugglekins kept saying "I ain't done nothin. I ain't done nothin." over and over and he was walking around all wobbly. his juice in his bottle kept spilling out when he walked and then he dropped it on the grass to! after a little bit the policeman left and so did tanya. but it was ok we still had tea party the next day!

pufflebump snugglekins and the nation of islam

mommy said whats this poster? and i said pufflebump snugglekins put it there!

one day pufflebump snugglekins started wearing a little bowtie i didnt put on him and started calling me a devil! i thought we were playing dressup or something but he was rly serious and didnt look like he wanted to play. he kept talking about a mother plane or something flying around in the sky and some man named fairacon or something. i asked if it was a new star wars movie or one of the aliens he fought against before but he didnt even answer me. and when i said pufflebump snugglekins lets go and play! he didnt even look at me. he said his name wasnt pufflebump snugglekins and it was something rly wierd i cant remember. i said why and he said he went to the nayshun of islam. i didnt understand becuz he was still there in our house in america! ever since that day he isnt as fun as he used to be but i still love loev lov him!!

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