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Developing and Underdeveloped Nations do not care about the environment UnNews Logo Potato.png

9 July 2008

The 9 members of the 'Mafia-esque' G-8 developed nations group.

TOYAKO, Japan - Recent extortion polls throughout Africa, Asia, and South America have shown that 96% of underdeveloped and developing nations do not care about the environment, or the negative effects that too much pollution could have on it, despite the days of 'persuasion' from the new developed nations group, who call themselves G-8. This plan entitled G-8 to all of the oil, coal, and natural gas that the nations of which they have control over, so that they may 'properly' dispose of them, to keep them from polluting the air.

The G-8 Consist of 9 world leaders from 9 different fully developed nations, who travel around the world, 'persuading' underdeveloped nations and developing nations to comply with their ways, and in return, the G-8 will offer them protection. Most subjects the G-8's targets will comply, but recently they have managed to lose a grip of their countries. Only 4% support the G-8's environmental idea. Recently some leaders and politicians in the developing and underdeveloped nations have begun to speak out against G-8 in general and not just the unpopular environmental idea.

Developing nations around the world have decided that the environment is a lost cause! If we can see this, and you developed nations cannot, what hope does the world have? Perhaps we don't need your help after all. We want you out of our countries immediately, we can take it from here.

—Rafael Guerida, South American Politician

It seems that the G-8's stranglehold grip on the underdeveloped nations has been loosened with these recent events. How this will effect the industries that G-8 has overtaken in the past months to 'benefit' the nations is undetermined. G-8 has begun scrambling to hold on to their current territories around the world, and have yet to release a statement about the failure of the environmental plan.