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N. Korea and USA to settle differences on X-Box Live UnNews Logo Potato.png

3 July 2009

Microsoft's Advertising for the "Global-Scale" Event.

Washington, D.C.--President Obama along other representatives of Microsoft announced a move to promote peace. President Obama will face off against Kim Jong Il on X-Box Live in a game of Il's choosing. The North Korean dictator was suprised as well as excited upon hearing the offer. "Kim Jong Il is actually looking forward to the match," says a consulate from N. Korea. Kim Jong Il issued a statement him self saying, "We humbly accept the invitation to promote peace with the disgusting Americans, but we are still going to test fire missiles.........Bitch."

It is still uncertain to which game the to leaders will be playing. It is certain that Kim Jong Il will be using his recently infamous gamer tag "Kim_Jong_Kill87" and Obama will be going under the gamer tag "Master Queef". Preparations for the event are under way as Microsoft will set aside a special server just for the event. Other X-Box Live users can only view the event, they are not allowed to participate.

The press secretay assures Americans that Obama will "pwn that stubby n00b because he is da bomb diggity dog."

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