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7 December 2012

It is possible that this tool will be the best survival equipment for Doomsday.

Everywhere, Earth, Milky Way, Infinity and Beyond

Two weeks. Two weeks! Remember when we started worrying just a couple years ago? And our parents before that? The reasons? The possibility? Well how come you don't care? Well, you know what? I still do!

So before you try to explain why the world isn't ending in two weeks, let me finish packing my survival equipment. What is this, you might ask? It is a zombie-zapper because I don't know if the whole entire world will go I Am Legend on my ass, so I might need to give you zombies a little zap to get you to stop following me. Trust me, besides, my brains taste like spinach. Nobody likes spinach. No, I will not tell you how I know my brains taste like spinach.

So, you don't care still? Well, guess what, I won't feel sorry when you're dead! You ain't coming with me! I might, just might, visit back next week sometime just to see if you kind of might wanna consider joining me in my quest to survive. Salvation is free, just like your mom!

Aww! See! Corny your mom jokes, this world is gonna end in two weeks.

But before I go, I just wanna get it in with my ELA teacher, because if I am correct on my estimation on how much weeks I can go as a criminal before we die, I can't get arrested for rape.

P.S., I've already burned down my house and sold my stocks. My Camaro was sold too, and I've also received no money for it because I told them I believe we are all going to die at the climax of two weeks.

No ELA teachers were raped in the making of this UnNews

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