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One of the tools a Check user will use during the course of the day.

Check users are veteran administrators who examine suspicious edits and strange names by holding up a miscreant in front of an ultraviolet light. Your signature is examined and a database check initiated to see if you have been hiding away under other names. Check users have a wide range of powers and can hunt down vandals and sockpuppets quicker than you can say Llanfairpwllgwyngyll.


Because Check using was considered such a powerful tool, the secrets on how it exactly worked were never divulged when Uncyclopedia was under the leaky umbrella of Wikia/FANDOM. Now we do this in house, so we can find out who you really are behind the various monikers.

Is my privacy protected?[edit]

Absolutely! Only Bureaucrats with the checkuser power can see your IP, and no one has this power. When needed to satisfy a request of the CIA, Mounties, MI6, or idle curiosity, the Bureaucrat uses Special:SecretPowerRing to give himself the checkuser power, and researches users whose edits resemble both one another, and vandalism. Then the Bureaucrat removes this dangerous power, for your protection.

How do you become a Check user?[edit]

Years of experience with the internet and how she works. It also helps if you have set it up in the first place. For a reason that remains mysterious, female tech nerds are better at doing this than males. In the normal course of things, a user will first have to learn the other tools of administering a website. These can be checked under Administrators and Bureaucrats.