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VFD procedures for Administrators and Poopsmiths


Before we delete the work of an author — who doesn't necessarily monitor VFD or the Village Dump — he has the right to notification and to 24 hours' delay.

  1. Ensure that the nominator has placed {{VFD}} at the top of the article. If he has not, do so and reset the clock by editing the ballot on VFD to change the time shown inside {{VFDt}} to the current time UTC.
  2. Allow at least 24 hours before closing a nomination or deleting an article; that is, keep the vote open until the time shown at the upper right corner of the ballot turns red.

Closing nominations[edit]

Once 24 hours have passed since the nomination, close the nomination when the first of the following happens:

  • If the vote reaches +5, delete the article (see below).
  • If consensus is reached to keep the article, or if plenty of time has passed with no consensus either way (this is the Admin's judgement and will vary with user participation in VFD), then edit the ballot and change {{VFDn}} to {{VFDc}} to apply the "padlock" graphic).
  • If the nomination is invalid (page too new, page has been given a maintenance tag, page is vanity/cyberbullying and should be deleted without a vote), close the nomination.

In all these cases, edit the ballot and change {{VFDt}} to {{VFDg}} to gray it out.

Deleted articles[edit]

When deleting an article:

  1. Delete any associated talk page. (Follow the blinking reminder in the Delete dialogue.)
  2. Delete any images that will now be unused (orphaned). That is, click on every image in the article and read whether it is used by any other article. If you believe that an image is so good that it should remain on the site, move it to a gallery or another suitable article, and ensure that the image's description makes it easy for authors to find it with a search.
  3. Delete any broken redirects created as well.
  4. Check for pages that link to the article, as these will now be red-links. Remove them if feasible. Remove references to the article in navigation templates, which appear at the bottom of many other pages.


Poopsmithing involves moving closed ballots from VFD to the bottom of the Archive file for the current month. Please wait 12-24 hours after a vote is closed before poopsmithing, so that users can see the disposition on VFD rather than search the Archive. However, if closed nominations make the page exceed 20 ballots, do it faster to avoid confusion and show that VFD is open for new nominations.

When poopsmithing a vote that kept an article:

  1. Edit the article and remove {{VFD}}.
  2. Edit (or create) the article's talk page and add {{Oldvfd}}.

At the start of a new month, the Poopsmith creates a new Archive, with a name like Uncyclopedia:Votes for deletion/Archive-2013-11.

(Prior to November 2013, archives were named Uncyclopedia:Votes for deletion/Archivennn — the last of these was Archive276 — and it was necessary to edit {{VFDarchive}} to reference it.)

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