What's a nigga gotta do to get a Pee Review around here?

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Nigga, I wrote me a bomb-ass article called A wizard did it, and I was like "Aw, hell yeah! This here's the shit!" I show it to my baby momma and she like, "Aw, shit, nigga, that shit is FUNNY!" And I axed her, "Bitch, think I should put it on VFH?" So SHE say, "I ain't no bitch!" So I say, "Bitch, you best shut the fuck up!" So she say, "I said I ain't no bitch, do-you-have-a-hearing-problem-nigga?" So I smack her.

And then I put that shit up on Pee Review, fo' sho'. But I wrote that shit last Thursday! It been fuckin' fo-eva!

So I gotta ax you now: What's a nigga gotta do to get a Pee Review around here?

Some nigga didn't review it

After like a whole day - a whole day, nigga! - some muthafucka called "I will kill you" shows up and he's like "hell yeah, I review yo shit." So I say, "Holy shit, it's the KKK!" because this nigga all comin up in here callin himself "I will kill you."

So this white-sheet-ass muthafucka says "12 hours or less, don't you worry, nigga." Then 8 hours go by and he's like "Shit, nigga, I done forget." Then 8 more hours go by and he's like "Shit, nigga, I do it soon." Then some cracka-ass admin come along and goes all Rodney King on that muthafucka. Fuck the po-lice.

Some otha nigga didn't review it very good

So the cracka-ass admin, he say, "Some otha brotha need to do this shit up right." And I say, "Righteous, brotha," even though I'm thinkin fuckin cracka-ass cracka.

So then this other nigga stop by and he say "It was good but not funny. I give it a 4."

What the fuck kinda pee review is that??

Then that first nigga didn't review it again

So I ax everyone to review it fo real this time, fo real. And two days go by, and that "I will kill you" mothafucka shows up again! And he say, "Nigga, this time I review yo shit, fo real, you just sit yo ass there for 24 hours." And I'm like "24 fuckin hours, nigga? Fo real?"

So four hours go by and I'm like "Aw, hell no, not again." But then he come in and say, "My ass is almost done with this shit," and I say, hallelujah, praise Jesus all up in here.

But then that nigga don't fuckin do it!!

So I ax you again: What's a nigga gotta do to get a Pee Review around here?

I got these cheeseburgers

Man, I got these cheeseburgers.

Man, I got these cheeseburgers. They some double cheeseburgers. Come on, man. Give a nigga a Pee Review for some cheeseburgers. You like cheeseburgers, right? Come on, man.

I'll suck your dick

Come on, man. I'll suck your dick, man. I said I'll suck your dick, man. Come on now.

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