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Every time I try to take a sojourn, something like this happens. Every fucking time.

Dude, I just can't take a fucking sojourn anywhere. Like, WTF?

So there I was

sitting in my fucking room, doing my Solid Snake thing with the Playstation and the dogs, right? Like, boring nerd shit.

and I fucking think

maybe I should take a sojourn, right? Like, to some badass place like Canada.

so I pulled out my

wallet and bought some plane tickets... and you know what happened? That's right. I nearly got raped by a fucking yak.

Since then

I've gone to Troy, Soviet Russia, North and South Dakotas, France, Uncyclopedia, Chicago, Bethsaida, North Pole, Canada, Titanic, Titanic again and London.

And guess what? Every fucking time, I nearly got raped.

No, seriously. EVERY FUCKING TIME.

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