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Luxembourg (city) in red (colour) and orange (fruit).

Luxembourg (city) (Luxembourgish: Luxembourg (city), German: Luxembourg (city)), also known as Luxembourg City, is a city in Luxembourg (country). It is home to Luxembourg (castle), Luxembourg (river) and, most famously, Luxembourg (city). Technically not a city, Luxembourg (city) is actually by definition a commune with city status, and the capital of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The fact that its name contains the word “city” in parenthesis causes much confusion for Luxembourgians (people).

Luxembourg (city) lies at the heart of Western Europe (continent), situated 213 km by road from Paris (city), 372 km from Brussels (sprouts), 209 km from Cologne (aftershave), and 65 km from Metz (drink) in northeast France (northeast France).


The great Luxembourg Castle (castle). Not to be confused with Luxembourg Castle (film).

In the Roman era, Luxembourg (city) was a feudal land. The city (Luxembourg), because of its location and natural geography, has been a place of strategic military significance throughout its history. It was first settled upon by Siegfried I (of the Ardennes) of the Ardennes (region of extensive forests). He named it Luxembourg (city) after his dear father, Luxembourg (city) (person).

Despite Luxembourg (city)’s best efforts to remain neutral through both wars (World War I (war) and World War II (war)), it was seized by Germany (empire, country, Reich (third)) on both occasions. Since then it has gone on to become one of the most affluent cities on Earth (planet). These days they call it “the city so good they named it once!” (Although technically speaking it was not named, not even once, due to an administrative error (fuck up) when Siegfried I signed the colonisation documents).


Luxembourg (city) lies on the southern (compass point) part of the Luxembourg plateau (plateau), the city centre occupies a picturesque (aestheticism) site on a cliff (significant vertical rock exposure) that drops into the narrow (measurement) valleys (geographic depression) of the Alzette (river) and Pétrusse (also a river) rivers, which find their confluence at Luxembourg (city). Overall, it is a lovely place (unencyclopaedic generalisation).

The city of Luxembourg (city) lies (untruthful statements) across a total surface (Microsoft program) of over 51 km², this makes it the number 2 (euphemism) city in Luxembourg, and by far the largest urban (genre of music) area. The population of Luxembourg (city) is not particularly dense (intelligence), at under 1,500 people (magazine) per km². Luxembourg (city) is divided into quarters (United States coins), which cover (song) the place (fish, sort of) in its entirety.

Places of Interest

The Luxembourg (city)ish Coat of Arms.

Places of interest (emotion) include the neogothic (movement (kinesis (keyboard (musical instrument)))) Cathedral (building (construction)) of Notre Dame (famous church (place of worship) inhabited by hunchbacks (people)). The city is also the home of the University (place of learning) of Luxembourg (University (place of learning)) and Radio (wireless communication) Luxembourg (radio (wireless communication (activity of conveying information (ordered sequence of symbols that record or transmit a message)))).

The only other thing that is interesting about Luxembourg (city) is that it has the same name as the country it’s in (Luxembourg (country)).


Luxembourg (city) has a rich culture that is often dismissed by the rest of Europe. Their national punctuation mark is the bracket (punctuation), and the official wall-support of their city is the bracket (architecture). When asked if they prefer the square or round brackets, Luxembourgians generally reply that they have no preference, although confusing the two in writing or speech is an offense considered punishable by bracketing (method for determining range by firing artillery shells both beyond and short of a target). The offender will also be moved to a higher tax (money stolen by the government) bracket (one of the things that are surrounding these words).

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