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If you are a cat lover and always wondered why there were so many "purse puppies" with no kitty version, wonder no longer. Pocket pussies are the smallest and cutest kittens in the world and they come in many different breeds (short and long hair).[1] These kittens are healthy, happy pussies that just happen to be pocket-size.

Check out the new pic of my pocket pussy! So cute!!!
This is a pocket pussy, despite it being pictured in a teacup.
Perfect for huffing.
This is actually a teacup kitten, not a pocket pussy.
For the religious among us who choose to believe lies, the self-proclaimed experts at Wikipedia think they have an article very remotely related to Pocket pussies.

Many generations of careful breeding has brought us the teacup and toy versions of animals. This sort of thing hasn't really been done in the Feline world because most breeders want medium to large pussies for showing. What the toy breeds have done for dog popularity hopefully the pocket pussy will do for cats.

Not all miniature cats are alike!

Most teacup kittens are made by inbreeding runts. Using this method of breeding creates dwarves, so a teacup kitten is really just a midget cat. It can be easy to mistake a teacup kitten for a pocket pussy, but an average teacup kitten will weight about 3-6 pounds and a pocket pussy will be about 1-2 . It is important that when you are shopping for a pocket pussy that you do not just look at the weight because many breeders will tell you a runt teacup kitten is a pocket pussy, but in reality it is just undersized. Take care to make sure that you do not get fooled when shopping for a pocket pussy.

BEWARE! When looking for a pocket pussy it is important to remember that they are always cute and small as kittens, but eventually they will become full-grown trowser cats. So make sure that you choose the pocket pussy you would like to own for a long, long time before making the commitment.


  1. The Napolean is a pocket pussy bred for its big beautiful eyes and long silky coat. This exotic pussy is a very unique mix of Persian and Munchkin.

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