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17 February 2021

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's album

LOS ANGELES, California -- Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are to appear on the Oprah talk show to chat about babies, themselves and their new album Exiled from England. The interview is going to be hard-hitting and reveal all the skeletons in the British Royal Family, starting off with the living corpse known as the Duke of Edinburgh.

The couple — still formerly known as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex — will talk about how hard it was to leave England and start a new life elsewhere. They claim they got fed up with the British press, who complained that the Sussexes were hiding too much from them and being politically hostile to the government of Prime Minister Boris Johnson. According to a statement from CBS, which will run the program in prime time:

Harry's Vegas number.

Harry and Meghan took the opportunity to split from the other Windsors. They had grown tired of being just Ginger Windsor and Lantern Jaw Windsor in the group, overshadowed by Baldy Windsor (Prince William) and Bossy Windsor (Kate Middleton). Harry and Meghan want to sing their own songs for profit and show what true royalty looks like, rather than the phony jumped-up celebrities who populate Hollywood today.

The couple has released their album Exiled from England to mark Meghan's pregnancy. The album includes the songs, Give Us Your Dollars, I Danced Naked in Las Vegas (Prince Harry solo), and These Suits were Made for Wearing (Meghan solo, recorded in Toronto).