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3 July 2019

Trump:'I marked his nuclear weapons homework'.

DMZ, North Korea -- USA's President Donald Trump announced his new protege North Korean leader Kim Jong-un had scored '110%' in his latest exam results. Trump greeted Kim at the Korean Demilitarized Zone to read out the results.

My boy Kim has done very well since he started the course," said Trump to the world's press. Since he signed onto this Trump White House course after changing from the lyrics of Elton John's songs, President Kim has shown real ability to understand and pass the questions I set. Like have you still got your nuclear weapons and 'when are we going to have a Trump Tower in the capital Ping-pong? That's why I insisted on signing his exam papers and you can see President Kim has put his stamp on there too.

Trump:'You're better than my son Eric.'

Other subjects on the nuclear weapons homework will see bomb proof bunkers turned into golf bunkers with sand imported from Saudi Arabia. Trump denied the exam was fixed and that he had excluded the other two assessors US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and the Colonel Sanders impersonator John Bomb'em Bolton. Bolton had apparently gone to Mongolia to see Genghis Khan's tomb for guidance.