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Welcome to the UncycloProject Undictionary! This is Uncyclopedia's resident dictionary.

Undictionary entries tend to be short, simple one-paragraph texts with less info than a regular Uncyclopedia article but also with 25% fewer calories so that they taste great but are less filling. Undictionary is a good place to move small sub-stubs which, while extraordinarily tasty, are nonetheless too small to stand alone as full Uncyclopedia articles.

To create an entry, create a new Undictionary page and follow the template. Undefinitions will automatically sort themselves in alphabetical order. No need to muck about with giant pages of all the entries anymore.

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NATO is the acronym for the organization known as Not Attacking The Orphans. It was founded by David Hasselhoff to protect the needy children of Germany.

NATO is also stands for New Albanian Terrorist Organization. It organizes surprise attacks every Wednesday in the Balkans. The victims of the attacks have petitioned many times with statement "It's Not Funny Anymore" INFA. To get more information about NATO contact your local Dairy farm. NATO is known for its war against lung cancer that's why it bombed a tobacco factory in Serbia and Montenegro and Silesia and Brandenburg. The current Pope of NATO is Jermaquai.

In Brussels, the headquarters of the NATO, the organization is known as the North Atlantic Toothpicking Organisation. Nobody knows why, because star journalists have reported European officials to be "too damn tired to answer your stupid questions, hippie!" Nevertheless, the story goes that NATO officials are in fact all dead, except for David Hasselhoff.

Hasselhoff first came up with the idea for this group when he slayed several children playing with the oil slicks left by his talking Trans Am. He was so dismayed (dis- WHAT?!) that there were no parents or guardians to protect the children from his combat vehicle that he pledged never to attack children again. This laid the foundation for NATO, which became one of the most non-child-destructing organizations in the world.

Note: In French NATO is rendered as OTAN . This is a brie flavored oatmeal fed to French soldiers that suppresses their urge to argue with each other and to leave the local women alone. The British just use tea which has the same effect.

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