Bongo Bongo Land

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Jamhuri ya Bongo Bongo Ardhi
Republic of Bongo Bongo Land
Bongo Bongo Land
Flag of Bongo Bongo Land Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Motto: Hakuna matata
Anthem: Love Lifts Us Up Where We Belong
Location of Bongo Bongo Land in Africa
Capital Bongomobongoville
Official language(s) Swahili
Government Republic
President Samuel L. Jackson
National hero(es) Morgan Freeman, Lawrence Fishburne, Martin Luther King, Barack Obama, Usain Bolt, Eddie Murphy
Population 305 million
Area 356,667 sq miles
Major exports Chemicals, Weapons, Computers and Technology
National sport(s) Soccer, Running

Bongo Bongo Land, officially known as the Republic of Bongo Bongo Land (Swahili: Jamhuri ya Bongo Bongo Ardhi), is a country in west Africa. It has the largest economy in the world, as well as the highest human development index, and the highest standard of living in the world. Bongo Bongo Land is the worlds leading superpower, and has a seat on the United Nations Security Council, as well as maintaining the worlds largest military.

Bongo Bongo Land has high rates of immigration, particularly from Europe and North America. Many thousands of people attempt a dangerous crossing of the Atlantic ocean, from countries such as the United States, and Great Britain, in order to reach Bongo Bongo Land where they can enjoy a better life. This has led to an increase in racial tensions in the country, many Bongese people feel that it is unfair that so many White People move into their country to steal jobs from Bongese workers and claim welfare.

Bongo Bongo Land is also the world's most technologically advanced nation, huge spire like buildings dominate the skyline of the country, and Hovercars are a very common site. Bongo Bongo Land was also the first country to send a men into space, and send men to the Moon, Bongo Bongo Land achieved the later in 1860, more than a hundred years before the United States.


Bongo Bongo Land was first colonised by the Bongo Bongo tribe in roughly the 10th century BC. The Bongo Bongo tribe originally came from Swaziland, and migrated north to the area of modern day Bongo Bongo Land due to a change in climate. The Bongo Bongo tribe flourished in the area, and had one of the most powerful and prosperous societies in ancient Africa. In more recent history, Bongo Bongo Land is famous for it's massive overseas empire, which at it's peak in 1930, included over a quarter of the world's surface, and included countries such as Great Britain, Canada and India. The "Bongo Bongo Land Overseas Empire" existed from 1790 until 1962 and the economic growth and rapid industrialisation the nation experienced during the period, is the reason for the country's enormous wealth.

Today Bongo Bongo Land is, (according to the United Nations), the "world's greatest country". People from all over the world dream of moving to Bongo Bongo Land where they can perform menial jobs for far more money than they receive in their own country, and enjoy a much higher standard of living whilst they are doing it.

Politics and Internal Affairs[edit]

Bongo Bongo Land is a democracy, the President of Bongo Bongo Land, as well as the Bongese Parliament, is elected every five years by all Bongese citizens over the age of 18. Bongese citizens do not have to physically go to a polling station and cast votes however, as all Bongese citizens have an implant in their brain which connects them to the "Bongese Central Mainframe". This means that once every five years, the Central Mainframe scans the brains of everyone in the country, and the preferred candidate of the majority of Bongese citizens becomes President. The most recent election was held in 2012, and was won by Samuel L. Jackson.

Bongo Bongo Land is experiencing high levels of immigration from White People, who move to the country, (often illegally), mainly from countries in Europe and North America. This is causing a huge rise in racial tensions in the country, and the Bongo Bongo Land "National Front", which campaigns for an end to immigration, and the repatriation of all illegal white immigrants, is currently experiencing electoral success across the country. Samuel L. Jackson used public hostility towards impoverished, white immigrants to win the 2012 presidential election, his "I'M TIRED OF THESE MOTHERFUCKING WHITES, IN THIS MOTHERFUCKING LAND" election campaign was a huge success, Samuel L. Jackson won 86% of the vote, the largest margin of victory in Bongese election history.

Stargate Program[edit]

Bongo Bongo Land is famous throughout the world for constructing a "Stargate" and using it to travel to other worlds. This has resulted in Bongo Bongo Land gaining new technologies, and weapons, which it exports to the rest of the world. In 2006 disaster struck however when the Stargate was used to travel to a planet named Kronos, unfortunately when the Stargate created the far end of the wormhole on Kronos, the area in which the wormhole was created was being occupied by the Klingon Emperor, and this resulted in his incineration. This incident caused a five year war with the "Klingon Empire", which resulted in the deaths of millions of people throughout the world when the Klingons invaded Earth in 2008. Fortunately Bongo Bongo Land was able to use the new weapons and technology it had gained to defeat the enraged Klingons.

Bongomobongoville, the capital city of Bongo Bongo Land.