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A Nambian talking lion. Eats English school children.
'Nambah', 'Namby-Pamby'
Republic of Nambia
Anthem: We shall overcomb
Capital New Trumpton
Largest city Melania
Official language(s) English, Amerikaans a.k.a. retarded dutch
Government Republican Always
Leader for Life  Tronald Dump
Established 2017
Currency Bitcoins, Bent coins, Fake Money
Religion False Messiahs

Nambia, officially the Republic of Nambia, is a country in Southwest Africa on the Atlantic coast. It shares borders with Angora to the north, and Saudi Afrikaaner to the south, Zambiabwe to the east. It became an independent country in September 2017, and its capital city is Melania. Nambia is a member state of the Commonwealth of Fake Nations, the Unstable Nations (UN), the American Organisation Transplant Organisation (AOTO) - despite it being located in Africa.


Often mistaken for Namibia, Zambia or even Gambia, Nambia gained independence from Narnia in September 2017. The separation was largely peaceful, though a lot of statues were pulled down and the White Witch was killed by a talking lion with an Irish accent. United States President Donald Trump immediately recognised the new state and asked his sons to visit to check on hotel/golfing opportunities.


Nambia actually has no history since the country gained independence in 2017. This is Nambia's official policy to avoid upsetting the minority population of Prussians who came over when Narnia was ruled by Kaiser Bill. Actually, very little is known, except for the fact that the health care system is increasingly self-sufficient, financed by both voluntary and involuntary organ donations. The foundation of Nambia is a result of the formation of the Orange Clown Free State (amerikaans: de Oranjepajas Vrystaat) and the Boer Wars in the 19th century, and the Alt Wrong movement in the 21st. The desert coast is cluttered with skeletons as a result from the booming organ donation industry, hence the name "the Skeleton Coast".

Recent Events[edit]

Donald Trump, president of the United States, mentioned the increasingly self-sufficient health care system. In 2013, Nambia was stricken by the Birther news viral infection. It has now been replaced by Twatta which leaves victims with shrunken hands.

Nambian traditions[edit]

Swinging, i.e. wife-swapping or "okujepisa omukazendo" is the predominant hobby of the ovazimba and ovahemba tribes in northern Nambia. In modern days, this include mother-in-law-swapping, which has made the custom less popular. The younger generations swaps almost anything, including germs. Zebra crossing should be taken in a literal way.


Nambians watch a lot of television. They also gamble and swear a lot.