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 uncyclopedia(1) uncyclopedia(1)         NAME   uncyclopedia - a superior alternative to those hacks at Wikipedia     SYNOPSIS   uncyclopedia [-abort|-retry|-ignore] [-search] [-edit] [-discuss]   [-history] [-move] [-watch] [-blank] [-vandalize] [-lang:code] [-help]   [-admin:[delete|block=user|rollback|protect]] [-random] [article]     su -c "pkill uncyclopedia"     use "uncyclopedia -help" to display a complete list of current options.     DESCRIPTION   Uncyclopedia is a Wiki-based encyclopedia, the basis for the design of   another popular, but less complete online encyclopedia called   "Wikipedia", in the same way that Microsoft's pesky .chm (HTML Help)   files are an inferior alternative to man(1).     Uncyclopedia can be used to access information on all platforms that   can interpret HTML into a human-readable format. Current versions of   Uncyclopedia run on Unix, VMS, Windows 95/NT, Windows CE, BeOS, 386DOS,   OS/2 EMX, MacOS 2, MacOS Y, Amiga, Commodore 64, Dynix, Minix, GNU   Hurd, Etch-A-Sketch and certain versions of Abacus.     OPTIONS   At startup, Uncyclopedia will load the article specified on the   command line. For help with locating an article, press "?" or "H"   while running Uncyclopedia.     Uncyclopedia will prompt you to create a new article if the article   name you provide does not yet exist. This feature is excellent for   quickly creating pages about your enemies and in-jokes that only your   closest imaginary friends know.     Uncyclopedia provides many command-line options. Some require special   privileges, others can be used by anyone at any time. These are noted   in the reference below.     -search   If this argument is used, Uncyclopedia will find the article   name supplied within any article. This feature is a total waste   of time, since Uncyclopedia can handle articles under every   potential misspelling of every word without difficulty.     -edit Edit an existing article. This provides an interface for   changing all aspects of the article, from adding gibberish   through removing content.     -discuss   Deprecated command is only used by administrators. Shows   commentary about the named article regarding various revisions   and reasons for these revisions.     -history   Shows a list of people who have modified the article and what   they modified within the article. Only administrators tend to   use this option, since old versions are never as good as the one   you just amended with "OMG MY PENIS IS SO BIG".     -move Quickest and easiest way to create useful redirects from random   articles to other random articles in Uncyclopedia. Regular use   of this parameter ensures that nobody will ever find what   they're looking for where they expect to find it.   Administrators love this one.     -watch Keep track of articles you have seen in the past or written.   Proper use ensures nobody else modifies your articles, possibly   changing "OMG MY PENIS IS SO BIG" to "OMG I'M A RETARD" or an   inferior version of the article.     -blank Blank an article and remove any incorrect information it might   contain. Use this parameter regularly on articles about your   country of origin, favorite politicians, video games, and other   extremely important articles.     -vandalize   If this parameter is used, Uncyclopedia will give you an   interface that allows the quick modification of existing text to   make it completely incomprehensible and remove any past,   present, or future inaccuracies.     -random   Retrieve a random Zork page.     -lang:code   Use this to specify your preferred language for reading and   editing Uncyclopedia. Defaults to en.     -help Display quick help with common commands.     -admin:[option]   Controls Uncyclopedia articles and users based on the option   provided.     delete use to remove articles that a user spent hours of hard   work on to get a message on your talk page so you feel   important.     block=user this will cause most users to join the IRC channel   within 30-90 seconds where they will bitch and moan about how   unfair the admin was or how it was their 'friend' that changed   the article so they don't deserve it.     rollback removes the last piece of important information,   thought-provoking commentary, or otherwise brilliant prose from   the specified article.     protect keeps non-administrators from making Uncyclopedia   articles better.     ENVIRONMENT   In addition to various "standard" environment variables such as NPOV,   Uncyclopedia supports the following unique capabilities:     HTBFANJS Directs you to a resource about writing and editing   Uncyclopedia articles.     HELP Contains information about a Beatles Album. Why you would   ever want to read it is beyond the scope of this man(1) page.     VILLAGE_DUMP   A powerful tool for making your voice heard by those totally   heartless members of the oligarchy.     VFH Method by which you can select articles for the Uncyclopedia   Main_Page.     VFP Method by which you can select pictures to be placed on the   Uncyclopedia Main_Page.     VFD A location where you list all the best articles in   Uncyclopedia to ensure the admins know to delete them.     QVFD A location where you list all the absolute best articles in   Uncyclopedia because you want to get the admins to respond to   your opinion of the article more quickly than the weeks to   months it takes with the VFD method due to excessive red   tape.     MAN PAGES   man mount - don't tell me there's nothing suspicious about that.     man cat - the end result of some process.     man kill - what you will do with me, following the statements above.     FILES   /wiki/Main_Page   Is a quick starting point for Uncyclopedia. This is the default   article shown if none is selected on the command line.     SEE ALSO   allman(1), spork(8), whatis(1), wikipedia(2)     HISTORY   4th January 2006:   Dawg <Dawg@VandalHunterCave> cleaned and converted article   into the output of the original man page.     23rd December 2005:   CaptainSpam <captainspam@obligatory> resisted urge to add   '-version', instead added '-random' option.     20th December 2005:   Dawg <Dawg@VandalHunterCave> added a great deal of additional   information, including parameters and new features in the   latest version of Uncyclopedia.     14th December 2005:   h2g2bob <h2g2bob@uranus> is responsible for unleashing this   on the world. Shame on him.         Local uncyclopedia(1) Dawg@gecko ~ $ uncyclopedia -edit  What article would you like to edit?  Man_uncyclopedia  What would you like to add?  <!--Featured Article-->{{FA|date=24 January 2006|revision=470694}}  How would you like it added? (Options: write, append, gibberishify)  append  100%[====================================>] 36 --.--K/s    04:04:43 (128.11 KB/s) - `Man_uncyclopedia' saved [12507/12507]   Dawg@gecko ~ $

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