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QAnon: Stays in the shadows with exploding briefcases.
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QAnon knows everything that we see as real is fake. What seems isn't and what isn't is. Look into in the darkest shadows and the deepest holes. QAnon is the 'Quelle', the source of truth. Only those who choose to be blind will not see what is front of them. Reach out and grasp it, hug it. QAnon knows it. Embrace. They are not one but many whose numbers will increase incrementally before the scales fall away and QAnon's revelations will be acknowledged as the new reality.

I see you mock. You laugh. Point fingers. Did not others before QAnon face ridicule as they carried their burden to Calvary? And where are they now?? QAnon has all the true answers. All else is phantom. Their numbers are legion. It is not one individual but a shared creed. Our faces can be seen in the crowd. That is us and it is also you and me and them. Bravery is required.

More laughter. I COULD WRITE THE REST OF THIS IS CAPITAL LETTERS but I am not mad. The true insanity is not recognising that QAnon is a hero. All of them are heroes. Are they one or many? It is not important. All have a slice of the truth, wrapped in a paper towel that has been thrown to them in Puerto Rico. Relief. Honesty. That's where this is going. Be afraid Deep State. It's coming. It's Comin' Atcha''s comin...oh...tissues..tissues..issues.

Bigger than a string theory.

Those priests of the New World Order, the Clintons,the Muellers, Comeys and Colberts. They know what we say is the truth. Our cause already has it martyrs. Alex Jones so cruelly silenced, his work now existing only on You Tube as twisted memes and sick parodies. Like those who persecuted the truth tellers of the past, their work can only be read by deciphering the insults from their enemies. Jones's digital tongue has been silenced for now. QAnon cannot be closed off that way because we are the many and we are patriots.

NOW THE FIRST ONE HAS DIED. They kill their own. Jeffrey Epstein. The P-Ring protect themselves. But we have their numbers, we are patient of those who are QAnon. Our President is building a wall around them all. They won't get out. The word will...

Jimmy? Are you still not dressed yet?? Come downstairs and have breakfast. I need to clean your room.