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A master of both coolness and comedy, Eggman is known for his dignified-yet-wacky body language, militaristic attire, and seductive mustache.

Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik (Japanese: Dokutā Pingas) is the main antagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series. He is a magnificent fat bastard known for his evil plans of world domination, which are somehow always thwarted by a blue overgrown rat in skater shoes.

Eggman has appeared in almost every Sonic game since the very first one, even the lesser ones like Sonic '06, Shadow the Hedgehog, and Sonic's Schoolhouse. He is also a prominent character in other Sonic media and merchandise, including comics, novels, cartoons, anime, drinking mugs, panties, flamethrowers, and toilet paper.


Eggman is an obese technological genius and former Soviet engineer obsessed with conquering ovaloid masses with his mechanical menagerie of cute animals-tuned-robotic slaves. When the slowpoke sissies in the Soviet Army told him his low-cost monkey missile guidance system and doggy drones went to far, the Doctor took his tub of talent to more like-minded technocrats. His attempts at world domination have lead to unprecedented job growth in the post-apocalypse's STEM sector, and have brought animal unemployment to an all-time low.

Although Eggman has been defeated by Sonic and his seventy disciples countless times,[1] he somehow always manages to jump from base to base and avoid the fate of Saddam Hussein. He continues to return and wreak havoc on Mobius Earth, though increasingly only part-time, as to give the sinister spotlight to "ancient awakened evils" that no one cares about (i.e. Chaos, Solaris, Dark Gaia, the Time Eater). Without a full-time job, the income to fund his plans is generated through his various television/radio programs such as Cooking with 12w40 Oil and Prrromotion Radio. In recent years, in order to cut costs, Eggman has stopped using animals as his robots' power sources, instead relying on solar power.


Early life[edit]

Robotnik was born to a single mother with an abusive disposition and a hair-on-lip disorder. He was placed in a nursery under a nanny's care, only to overthrow the nanny in a military coup d'état. As a child, he ate four dozen eggs every morning, which resulted in him being roughly the size of a barge.

Book of Genesis[edit]

Dr. Robotnik in simpler times.

In Sonic the Hedgehog (1991), Robotnik attempts to take over the tranquil South Island by capturing cute little animals and turning them into ravenous robots. He also aims to find the Chaos Emeralds, mystical gemstones hidden on the island that turn your wishes into power, to help him realize his dream of conquering the world. However, an ultra-fast furry blue hedgehog named Sonic, who wasn't happy over having his vacation ruined, comes in to spoil the doctor's plans.

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In Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (1992), following his embarrassing defeat at the hands of Sonic, Robotnik is "inspired" to create his own version of the Death Star called the Death Egg. He tries to take over the world once more, but Sonic and his new sidekick Tails whoop Robotnik's massive bum again and heavily damage the Death Egg.

In the campy Saturday morning cartoon Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog (1993), Robotnik lives in a Seussian fortress on top of a dangerously steep hill; one that was very easy to spot despite constant relocating, as it was decorated with a large golden statue of himself. He resides with his slapstick robot assistants Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts, who always manage to screw up his plans, if Sonic and Tails hadn't done so already.

In the alternate-universe OC furry melodrama Sonic SAtAM (1993), Robotnik is the dictator of Mobius who has a nephew named Snively and whose first name is "Julian" instead of "Ivo". In this universe he has already taken over the world, and is gritty and threatening unlike his other clownish incarnations. He battles Sonic and his gang of guerrilla furries known as the Freedom Fighters. In the final episode, he is banished into The Void and would've been replaced by a wizard named Ixis Nagus for season three, but the show got cancelled for more Power Rangers reruns before this could happen.

In Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (1994), the Death Egg crash-lands on a floating island called Floating Island. There, Robotnik meets the island's guardian, Knuckles the Echidna, and tricks him into thinking Sonic and Tails are coming to steal the Master Emerald and he is here to help. Knuckles, being the dupe he is, goes around the island to try and hider Sonic's progress. Robotnik is able to launch the Death Egg, but it fails to get into orbit before that meddling hedgehog sends it crashing back down.

In Sonic & Knuckles (1994), Robotnik breaks in to Hidden Palace to steal the Master Emerald, which will be used to recharge the Death Egg. Knuckles uncovers Robotnik's thievery and cries out to him "I thought we had something special!", to which Robotnik responds by electrocuting Knuckles. As expected, Sonic and Tails whoop the stuffing out of the good doctor, blow up the Death Egg, and return the Master Emerald to Knuckles. After this crippling defeat, Robotnik voluntarily checked himself into a clinic for eating disorders. The therapy was a success, resulting in him losing about 200lbs in weight just in time for the next generation in console technology.

Book of Dreamcast[edit]

Robotnik made his jump to 3D in Sonic Adventure (1999), his mustache now being viewable in all its polygonal glory. The Doctor learns of Chaos, a liquid Dragon Ball Z monster trapped in the Master Emerald, and shatters the emerald to free the beast; with Chaos released, Robotnik could now subcontract half his boss fights. His goal is to obtain the Chaos Emeralds and feed them to Chaos so that it transforms into its most powerful form, Perfect Chaos; Chaos will then use its destructive powers to destroy the city of Station Square, so Robotnik can build his own moustachioed theme park on its ruins. However, upon gaining all of the emeralds, Chaos betrays and fires his laser on his master, sending the good doctor flying sky high. Of note, Sonic and friends began calling the Doctor "Eggman" in this game, as an insulting nickname referring to his round shape; apparently Robotnik decided to reclaim and own this insult by calling himself "Eggman" in every game after this.

In Sonic Adventure 2 (2001), Eggman teams up with Shadow the Hedgehog, the angsty "Ultimate Life Form" created by Eggman's grandfather Prof. Gerald Robotnik; and Rouge the Bat, a heavily-endowed treasure hunter who is secretly an undercover government agent, to take over the world using the Eclipse Cannon on the long-abandoned Space Colony ARK.[2] Eggman's proudest moment in the game occurs when he nearly kills Sonic (predictably, our hero survives) and nabs the last of the seven Chaos Emeralds needed to power the cannon; however, upon inserting the emerald in the cannon, a failsafe is activated sending the colony on a collision course with Earth, implemented by Prof. Gerald as retaliation for gubment pigs killing his granddaughter during their raid on the ARK. With no means of escaping the colony, Eggman reluctantly teams up with Sonic and pals to save himself from the ghost of his loony grandpa.

Book of 6Gen[edit]

In Sonic Heroes (2003), Eggman launches an Egg Fleet of battleships, which he plans to use to take over the world in three days (good luck with that). Unfortunately, before he can even set his plans in motion, he is betrayed by his own creation (starting to notice a pattern here?), Metal Sonic, who locks Eggman up, takes control of his fleet, and shapeshifts into the doctor. Eggman uses a walkie talkie to contact the Team Chaotix detective agency, and offers them lots and lots of money if they free him. Once Eggman is freed however, it is too late to stop the metallic menace, and Metal Sonic transforms into a rehash of Chaos. After Sonic and friends defeat Metal with the Real Superpower of Teamwork™, Eggman is chased away by the Chaotix when he tries to sneak out of paying them.

In Shadow the Hedgehog (2005), Eggman is an opportunist who tries to gather the Chaos Emeralds in the midst of a totally random alien invasion. When a brooding, amnesiac Shadow interrogates the doctor for information regarding his past, he is met with taunts from Eggman, who claims that Shadow is one of his androids. In some of the game's possible endings, Shadow accepts being an android and seemingly kills Eggman (seriously). However, in the true ending during Shadow's fight with the alien menace, Eggman admits that he was being a lying bastard, and Shadow really is a flesh-and-blood hedgehog after all.

Book of 7Gen[edit]


In Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), Eggman kidnaps Princess Elise of Venice, Italy Soleanna, intent on using the Flames of Disaster contained within her to control time. Throughout the game, he appears to have more of a sinister "edge" than in previous 3D Sonic games, attempting to re-establish his reputation as a goofy-but-still-badass villain. Unfortunately, as with every single other 3D Sonic game up to this point, he is forced to assist the heroes during the last act, when the space-time continuum crumbles and only Elise kissing Sonic can save the day. In this game, Eggman was given a hideous "realistic" redesign, complete with a bulging black spandex crotch and gold nipples on his jacket; this design has not been used since, as it mentally scarred thousands of players.

In Sonic Unleashed (2008), Eggman traps Super Sonic and harnesses his energy to power a laser cannon, which fires into the Earth and shatters it into pieces, freeing the beast contained within: Dark Gaia. Draining Sonic's energy also has the side-effect of turning him into a werewolf with stretchy arms, which backfires horribly on Eggman. Unlike every other 3D Sonic game up to this point, Eggman re-establishes his credence as a semi-badass villain and does not team up with Sonic at the end (thank God!). Of course, the doctor still suffers the usual cartoony defeat, when he bosses Dark Gaia around and gets shot into the stratosphere as a result.

In Sonic Colors (2009), Eggman continues to repair his status as a badass villain. He sets up a seemingly-innocent theme park as a front for enslaving an alien race known as Wisps and draining their energy; this energy is used to power a mind-control cannon, which Eggman plans on using to conquer the universe. For the first time since Sonic & Knuckles, Eggman is also the final boss (thank God!); after Sonic defeats him, his theme park collapses into a black hole and he is sucked inside, yet somehow manages to survive.

In Sonic Generations (2011), Eggman enslaves a being known as the Time Eater and uses its time powers to reverse all of his past defeats at the hands of Sonic. By using the Time Eater, however, he causes rifts in time to open, bringing Sonic, Tails, and himself to meet their classic counterparts. Eggman works together with his past self, Classic Robotnik Eggman (in the doctor's own words, "Nobody calls me that anymore"), to attempt to vanquish Sonic once and for all. As expected, Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic defeat the Time Eater, and both doctors wind up stranded outside the space-time continuum, leading Classic Eggman to suggest obtaining their teaching degrees once they escape.

Book of 8Gen[edit]

In Sonic Lost World (2013), in an interesting role-reversal, Eggman teams up with Sonic not at the end of the game, but at the beginning, to defeat a group of Saturday morning cartoon mooks called the Deadly Six. At the end of the game, Eggman backstabs Sonic and is fought as the final boss of the game; after his defeat, Eggman attempts to escape, but finds that his jetpack was sabotaged by Sonic, and thus he falls billions of feet down to Earth. In real life, Eggman would've surely died, but here, he is shown to have survived his fall by landing on a soft spot of dirt. His bumbling robot servants dig him out, but not before — in an especially humiliating defeat — a rabbit chews off half of his glorious moustache.


  1. Whether the mediocre spinoff games, such as Sonic 3D Blast and Knuckles Chaotix, should count as half towards the total is the cause of continuing debate by retro gamers.
  2. Oh yeah, did I tell you about the ARK? It belittled the Death Egg about as much as the Death Star being built by grasshopper people.
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