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John Tyler was the No-President of the USA. Originally he was vice president of William Henry Harrison, who soon suffered sudden death because of too many "No!" from his running mate Tyler. Thus the latter became President of the United States of America as the first vice president who empowered himself as full-scale President. As such he kept saying "No!" to the Congress, using excessively his presidential veto right. He said "No!" to them, until they all said "No!" to him. But suddenly the Shogun of Japan visited Tyler. The Japanese government chief adored Tyler as a superstar of "No-Theatre". But Tyler missed that chance for a career as actor since he wanted to continue saying his "No!" until his regular last day in office. The lucky guy could welcome Florida in the Union on this last day as selfmade President, only two days after Texas joined the US. For such cases he had a "Yes!". Later he returned into politics as leader of Civil War's very first peace conference, saying "No!" to the beginning Civil War. After his presidency, he became a renowned zombie hunter, nearly succeeding in killing John Adams, as well as causing a mass zombie exodus in which all zombies were forced into Wyoming. This went on for around 10 years. Abraham Lincoln, an assassin, eventually challenged him to a duel, which climaxed in him going back in time to 1862 and stabbing Tyler in the chest. Tyler’s last word was “No!”

Personal Life[edit]

Tyler had enough kids for a baseball team, including a DH and a four person pitching rotation. That's 14 kids. He named his home Sherwood Forest because he liked the name. His grandkids still live there today which is crazy. He married twice, wearing out the first one and then finding a replacement.


  • When the ex-vice-presidential President welcomed Florida in the US he was nick-named Miami Vice