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Today's Featured Article - Trumpton

Government of Trumpton.jpg

Trumpton and Trumptonshire is considered to be the 'San Marino' of England. It is what called an 'enclaved micro state' existing entirely inside Great Britain. Times have been tough and often the state has existed only as stacked boxes inside a crumbling barn but the name 'Trumpton' has lived on. It can hark back to a glorious past and look forward to a frilly future. It's just today that isn't so exciting.

Trumpton was once the smallest capital of the smallest English county of Trumptonshire in Great Britain. It is one mile in diameter and only 16 inches high. UDI (Unilateral Declaration of Independence) was proclaimed in 1958 though only Libya, Zimbabwe and Button Moon recognised the break-away entity. The United Kingdom government protested the action to the United Nations but failed to reassert its claim on the county due to Trumptonshire's tiny size and it being stuck in the early 1920s – like Llandudno. Since then Trumpton has established high level diplomatic relations with Legoland, Disneyland, Hogwarts, the Vatican and Monaco. Trumpton has retained its own currency, the Monopoly Dollar and all bank accounts are held in Liechtenstein to avoid tax. (more...)

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Featured.png Mystery Science Theater 3000 (reboot), featured on 21 May 2016. See the featured version.

Did you know...

3 wise men.jpg
  • ... that the life of Jesus Christ contains many allusions to Superman? (pictured)
  • ... on the nth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me a total of gifts?
  • ... that oxygen is a highly addictive drug, with 100% of all users becoming addicted with their first hit?
  • ... if Mommy is willing to lie about a freaky old dude who sneaks into children's bedrooms in the middle of the night to eat your cookies and drink your milk, she'll no doubt be willing to deceive you about everything else?
  • ... that life is a sexually transmitted disease with a 100% fatality rate?
  • ... that water is bad for your health because fish have sex in it?
  • ... that at some point, hanging in there just makes you look like an even bigger loser?

In the news:

On this day...

Viva la revolution my ass!

May 21: Appreciation Day Appreciation Day (America)

  • 1453 - Hundred Years' War finally ends. France win after a penalty shoot-out.
  • 1587 - The Puritans sit down with the Native Americans and appreciate the hospitality. The Native Americans do not appreciate the smallpox.
  • 1874 - Husbands in New York appreciate New York's one and only Your Husband's Penis Appreciation Day.
  • 1905 - The Japanese fleet destroys the Russian fleet in the Battle of Tsushima. Japanese sailors appreciate the target practice and Russian sailors appreciate the floating debris on which to cling.
  • 1937 - The first Volkswagen rolls off the assembly line. Germans appreciate how easy the cars are to push every time it rains and stalls out the engine.
  • 1956 - Patrick Batemen beats his own record for number of prostitutes killed in one night (36).
  • 1987 - German Mathias Rust flies his private plane unchallenged from Finland to Moscow's Red Square. He appreciates the sloppiness of Russia's air defenses for not shooting him down as well as the passable food in prison.
  • 1991 - President George H.W. Bush declares May 21st Appreciation Day Appreciation Day, making it the first day of appreciation to appreciate itself.
  • 2004 - Che Guevara rises from the dead only to see his image as the label of capitalist corporation. His brain catches on fire.
  • 2011 - God doesn't rain Hell on Earth.

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